My name is Justine, I’m from Valparaiso, Indiana and currently live in Highland, IN. One of my favorite things to do is try new products and review them. It all started in college, I used to love to shop online, when a box would show up at my door for me it always felt like a gift because I’d usually forgotten about it by the time it arrived. I wanted to have that feeling more often. I found websites that would send me free samples and signed up for as many as I could. The samples started rolling in.. it was like Christmas every day! Paper towels, au-gratin potato mix, granola bars… you name it. I also bought everything I needed on Amazon and regularly reviewed my purchases. Eventually, sellers started contacting me to send me free products in exchange for an honest review because they’d seen how active and thorough a reviewer I was.

Along with free samples and Amazon goods, I also started subscribing to subscription boxes and was quickly addicted! I love getting legitimately surprised every time a new box shows up, with new products, foods, dog toys, etc to try. I’d look up reviews before I’d choose a box, and I quickly learned that sometimes I’d order a box, and would not end up liking what was inside. Sometimes, when I’d try to cancel, the policies were SO confusing, I wish I’d known so I would have never subscribed in the first place! The reviews I had read were 100% positive, with no mention of the confusing cancellation policy or that some items were flimsy or broke easily. It was then I decided – I am going to start a review blog for subscription boxes myself, with helpful, HONEST reviews that cover each item individually (and whether they were good OR bad), as well as the cancellation policy (to warn others of sketchy policies). Hence, My Subscription Depictions was born.

My main points will cover:

  1. The Goods – items in box each reviewed individually
  2. Value – What items are worth, what box costs, and if it’s worth the money
  3. Ease of Cancellation – Boxes with sketchy, confusing cancellation policies are the WORST, so this section to me is the most important, so people know what to expect.

I hope my reviews will help others make informed decisions about which subscription boxes to choose! Thanks guys!

****** If you currently operate a subscription box and would like me to review it, shoot me an email at jnmaresca@gmail.com and we can make it happen! NEW boxes are my favorite because, you know, they’re new.