Harrison Blake review April and May, 2017 (+ 50% off!)

The Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription is a subscription that delivers 1 necktie and 4 additional accessories, such as pocket squares, lapel pins, tie bars and more every month. Each of the items will be exclusive and hand selected, and be completely coordinated to make it easy to dress to impress

This review is for the April and May Harrison Blake subscriptions.



The Goods

  1. Anchor Necktie – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $30.00


This tie is red with white anchors. I really like this pattern because it’s unique but not over-the-top. It looks good with a navy suit.


  1. Plaid Cotton Pocket Square – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $20.00


This pocket square is hand crafted and 100% cotton. The hint of red in the pattern pulls together the look of a navy suit and the red anchor tie.

  1. Baseball Cap – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $25.00


My boyfriend is a big fan of baseball caps… generally if he’s not at work, he’s wearing one. He loved the style, fit and color of this one. It will probably be the item that gets the most use out of everything in this shipment.


  1. Stainless Steel Ring – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $35.00


This ring is really sharp! I love the design with the black and silver stripes. It’s really nice for a men’s ring. Unfortunately, my boyfriend does not wear rings so I will probably pass this on to an uncle or cousin,

  1. No Show Boat Socks – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $7.00


These socks have an American flag design and are super soft! These are perfect to wear with shorts because they’re no show. I told my boyfriend when the box came that these socks are mine.. lol. He didn’t argue. So now I have a cool new pair of soft socks!

  1. Foldable Water Bottle – Harrison Blake. BONUS ITEM


This foldable water bottle is perfect for music fests and to take on bike rides. The metal carabiner hooks easily on a belt loop or fanny pack strap (don’t judge me). It’s so annoying being at fest carrying around a bulky water bottle and it’s even worse trying to carry one while riding a bike. This solves the problem because it hooks on, I don’t have to hold it when I’m not using it.


The value of the items in April’s box is $117.00. For a $25.00/mo subscription, that is an awesome value! My boyfriend loves the tie and baseball cap. I love the socks and foldable water bottle… so we are actually both happy with this one!

Sign up for Harrison Blake today and use code FBMAY for 50% off your first box! That’s FIVE high quality fashion accessories for only $12.50!



The Goods

  1. Striped Necktie – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $30.00


This necktie is a bright orange-ish red color with navy blue stripes. Another tie that would look good with a navy suit! The pattern is classic and fashionable.

  1. Cotton Pocket Square – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $20.00


This pocket square is hand crafted and 100% cotton. It is white with red polka dots, the red dots and blue trim accent the tie perfectly.


  1. Gold Collar Stays – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $15.00


This set of collar stays will keep your collar stiff and crisp. My boyfriend doesn’t know what to do with these… apparently he’s not advanced enough in the sharp dressing category to have use for them. I’ll probably give them to my brother.

  1. Aviator Sunglasses – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $30.00


I love these sunglasses! Luckily my boyfriend doesn’t like aviators so these get to be mine 🙂 . Check out how cool I am…


  1. White Rosette Lapel – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $15.00


This elegant and classy design resembles a rose and is sure to class up any outfit. This will be nice for him to wear when we go out to dinner and if I wear a white dress… we would be quite the fancy couple!

  1. Air Freshener – Harrison Blake. BONUS ITEM


This air freshener smells really good, I would use it but it’s distinctly a male scent. I put it on my boyfriend’s rear view mirror in his car. Now his car smells so fresh and so clean clean!


The total value of the items in May’s box is $110.00. Once again, not bad for $25.00/mo subscription! My boyfriend really likes the tie from this month. I like the aviators, I needed a new pair of sunglasses so it works out.

Sign up for Harrison Blake today and use code FBMAY for 50% off your first box! That’s FIVE high quality fashion accessories for only $12.50!

Ease of Cancellation

If you’d like to cancel at any time, please email contact@harrisonblakeapparel.com or call their toll free number 1-877-348-8502. You can also cancel yourself by going to the secure link you will be given at initial sign up and/or the link found in each emailed monthly invoice. Follow the link and cancel the subscription.


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