Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription review January, 2017 (+ $15 OFF!)

The Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription is a subscription that delivers 1 necktie and 4 additional accessories, such as pocket squares, lapel pins, tie bars and more every month. Each of the items will be exclusive and hand selected, and be completely coordinated to make it easy to dress to impress.


This review is for the January Harrison Blake subscription.


The Goods

  1. Harrison Blake Winter Beanie. Regular price: $25.00


This beanie was exclusive to the January box and not sold on the website. It is so so soft and warm, I love it! My boyfriend doesn’t like his hair getting messed up before work, so this is mine in the mornings and his in the afternoons, haha. The design is classy and smooth, a perfect winter beanie.

  1. Harrison Blake Cotton Pocket Square. Regular price: $20.00

Oh, pocket squares… such a strange accessory you are. I found a cool way to fold it through trial and error, and I’m going to properly place it in my boyfriend’s suit next time he wears one. He only has to wear suits on days he has client meetings. On those days, I pick out his clothes, tie his tie, and now fold his pocket square LOL.

  1. Harrison Blake Block Pattern Necktie. Regular price: $25.00


This tie is simple and elegant, with a block/checkerboard pattern. It would go great with a blue or gray suit. I already pre-tied the Windsor knot just in case my boyfriend ever has to get ready without me. Not only can he not tie a tie, when he saw the pocket square he said “what is that thing?” then pointed to the tie bar and said “and what is that?”. Seriously, he would be so lost without me.

  1. Harrison Blake Navy Blue Tie Bar. Regular price: $15.00


A plain tie bar that can conform to any dark blue ties without drawing attention. This is perfect for his work environment, it is a professional atmosphere that probably wouldn’t appreciate the funky tie bars that are shaped like random objects. I tried explaining what the purpose of a tie bar is to my boyfriend and I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t grasp the concept.

  1. Soapstone Whiskey Rocks. Regular price: $8.00


Ohh I love these! We are a huge fan of no-water ice in this house, so these stones are now added to our collection in the freezer. We both hate when ice melts and waters down our drinks and these stones and cubes are the perfect solution. Plus they’re always a fun conversation piece with guests.


The value of the items in this month’s box is $93.00. For a $25.00/mo subscription, that is an awesome value! Everything in this month’s box was high quality and classy, and it will all be put to use. This box also reminded me of how little my boyfriend knows about fashion, haha! If you are a man with a professional career, or just like to look dapper on occasion, this box is perfect for you. Also, if you are a girl who wants to surprise your boyfriend or husband and help his fashion sense at the same time, this is the way! I enjoy keeping my boyfriend looking nice and teaching him about men’s fashion.

Sign up for Harrison Blake today and use code SEASON for $15.00 off your first box! That’s FIVE high quality fashion accessories for only $10!

Ease of Cancellation

If you’d like to cancel at any time, please email contact@harrisonblakeapparel.com or call their toll free number 1-877-348-8502. You can also cancel yourself by going to the secure link you will be given at initial sign up and/or the link found in each emailed monthly invoice. Follow the link and cancel the subscription.


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