ipsy review December, 2016

Ipsy is a subscription that delivers full and deluxe sized beauty products with a makeup bag to your door every month!


This month’s theme is “Carpe P.M.”


The Goods

  1. Lip Treatment – Hanalei. Regular price: $6.40


Hanalei’s Lip Treatment uses pure kukui oil, which is known to moisturize and rejuvenate dry lips. Agave and grape seed oil provide high levels of anti-oxidants that help sooth and protect lips from harmful radicals. Shea butter delivers intense moisture and silkiness to lips without leaving any residue. My lips tend to get chapped in the winter, so this came just in time! This lip treatment is SO smooth, it makes my lips softer than anything else I’ve EVER tried, and I’m not exaggerating! I’m always on the lookout for new chap stick like products and this is my new #1 choice, I already ordered more!

      2.      Concealer Brush – Beau Gâchis. Regular price: $16.00


This concealer brush is perfect for applying liquids and creams for a smoother, more flawless concealer application. Ideal for covering scars and imperfections as well as meticulously camouflaging dark circles. This brush really did smooth on my MAC concealer like a pro and blended it in beautifully. My old concealer brush is ready to retire, and this one works better than the old one anyways so, win-win!

  1. Bliss Eyeshadow / Highlighter – OFRA Cosmetics. Regular price: $12.00

This shimmering champagne shade glides onto lids and can be applied with a wet or dry brush. It has a soft texture and is made to last all day. Use it dry or with a wet brush for a more intense effect. This is a copper/rose gold type shade and is a bit too dark to use as a highlighter for my tastes, but is a very pretty shade for eyeshadow. The color really is intense and stands out with just one layer. I appreciate eyeshadows that don’t require layer after layer for the color to show. Also, this is a great size for an eyeshadow, twice the size of MAC individual shadows!


  1. Maracuja Oil – Tarte Cosmetics. Regular price: $15.00


Maracuja Oil is oil extracted from the seeds of Passion Flower. It can be applied to the skin to keep it hydrated. It contains lycopene, a carotenoid that can aid skin in recovering from sun induced damage such as blemishes, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This oil is an anti-inflammatory (omega 6 fatty acids) and can soothe sore muscles if massaged in to them. It is also a powerful antioxidant. I used this on my face before bed last night, it did make my face greasy but my skin was smooth and soft when I woke up and the oil was absorbed. If you use this, only apply it before bed.

  1. Intensely Precise Eyeliner in Blackberry – Aurora. Regular price: $12.00


The German ink technology ensures this modern liquid eyeliner to draw a flawless even line with the ultra-thin felt tip. The long lasting ink formula will give you up to 24-hours of precision definition for even the sharpest of cat-eyes. The natural ink formula is 100% free of alcohol and won’t smudge. This liner provides a smooth and luminous look for any occasion. I am so happy with this eyeliner! The color is intense and black, and the tip is sharp and precise, it is easy to create a perfect cat eye from thin to thick using this eyeliner.


The products in the month’s box are worth $61.40!! That’s 6x the $10.00/month cost of ipsy, so I’d say that’s an AMAZING value! I’m super happy with everything I got this month. The lip treatment is absolutely the most soothing and soft lip product I’ve EVER tried, the concealer brush is super high quality for easy makeup application, and the eyeliner is as dark and precise as an eyeliner can get. The shade of the eyeshadow is beautiful as well. The makeup and accessories are all such high quality and this subscription is a huge value to me.

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Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your active subscription: Log into your ipsy account and click “My Account.” Go to the “Subscription & Purchases” section and click “Cancel Subscription.”


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