Influenster “Tasty” VoxBox review, 2016

Influenster is a community of shoppers that test products for free based on social media influence, share opinions and reviews of brands, and discuss the latest products and tips.


I was lucky enough to be selected to receive the “Tasty” VoxBox.


The Goods

  1. GOLEAN Dark Cocoa Plant Powdered Shake – Kashi. Regular price: $2.32


Over 30 years ago, Kashi’s founders set out on a mission to find a plant-based protein for a healthier, more sustainable way to fuel their active lifestyles—and that tradition continues with the creation of Kashi GOLEAN Plant Powered Shakes with nutrient-dense nourishment designed for your life in motion. I liked this protein shake… it reminded me of a chocolate milkshake but is much healthier!

  1. Stevia Sweetener – Splenda Naturals. Regular price: ~$.01


SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia Sweetener is a great-tasting, no-calorie natural sweetener made with stevia extract- but not just any stevia extract: SPLENDA® Naturals gets its unique sweetness from Reb D, one of the tastiest extracts from the stevia leaf. I have never thought artificial sweeteners to be bitter, if anything one packet of artificial sweetener makes a way bigger impact on sweetness than a packet of sugar. So this was just a regular artificial sweetener to me, that does the job and works fine.

  1. Coupon for Free SmartOnes Meal. Value of about $2.00


Like you, Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® is improving every day. That means providing nutritious, great-tasting meals with even more of the good stuff you’re looking for. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dessert, delicious recipes or sound advice, we’re here to help you make all the smart choices.

  1. Two Coupons for a FREE Country Crock Original Spread, 15 oz. Value of $4.00


Made with delicious oils, purified water and a pinch of salt, Country Crock Original Vegetable Oil Spread has all of the country fresh taste you love, without any of the artificial flavors, preservatives or trans fats that you don’t. I have always used Country Crock spread, so I’ll absolutely use these coupons and can already tell you this is my favorite butter-like food lol.

  1. One sample each of Yogi Tea Cinnamon Berry Probiotic Balance and Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha & Coupon for $1.00 Off. Regular price: ~$1.00 samples, $1.00 coupon

In holistic medicines, tart flavors are stimulating to the digestive system. That’s why Yogi Tea created this intriguing organic blend that includes a supportive combination of a probiotic, in addition to Hawthorn Berry, Coriander, Cumin and warming Chai Spices, traditionally used to support the digestive system. Probiotic Balance Organic Tea Cranberry Spice is designed to support a healthy balance in your digestive tract. This tea has a spicy, fruity flavor and tastes really good. It does have 10 mg of caffeine, which I can still drink even at night because I need like 275 mg of caffeine to feel it, but sensitive people might prefer this in the morning.

Yogi’s Green Tea Kombucha supports immune and digestive function. It was inspired by a remedy that dates back to ancient Russia. Updated for today’s lifestyle, Yogi’s special formula of Organic Green Tea with Kombucha is designed to support your immune system and provide antioxidants. Spearmint naturally supports digestion, and Lemongrass and Plum flavor combine to create a smooth, fragrant blend with a light, fruity flavor. Green tea’s antioxidants, small amounts of caffeine and theanines promote a feeling of relaxation as well as stamina, and you can drink several cups without feeling stressed out and jittery. While bagged tea will never equate the taste and freshness standard of looseleaf, if you are looking for a convenient tea offering a true energy boost to take at work, this tea is fantastic.

  1. Original Crispy Fried Onions – French’s. Regular price: $3.49


French’s Original Crispy Fried Onions are made with real onions for incredible flavor and crunch. Add the crunch your whole family will love! Kosher certified and made in the USA, a delicious addition to any dish such as casseroles, potatoes, burgers and salads. I eat these right out of the container, they’re a tasty snack, but also taste good on casseroles or BBQ burgers.

  1. Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce – Frank’s RedHot. Regular price: $2.82


Frank’s RedHot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce is made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers that add a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavor to your favorite foods. The great taste of Frank’s RedHot® made it the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wings created in Buffalo, NY in 1964. Wow I never knew that this was the original buffalo wing sauce, how neat! I love Frank’s, I eat it on pizza and yesterday I had it on my Subway sandwich and it was delicious! Yummy!


The total value of the items in this box is $16.64. Which is a FANTASTIC value considering this box is free, lol! The purpose of this box was to introduce me to new food products I may not have tried before, and I thought there was a wide variety of interesting new foods. I enjoyed trying everything in this box! I feel very lucky to be an “Influenster”, and I hope this won’t be the last VoxBox I review here!

Are you interested in becoming an Influenster? Sign up today and start reviewing and sharing your opinion about products you love to get the chance to receive a VoxBox!


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