BarkBox review November, 2016 + Coupon

BarkBox is a subscription that delivers a box of new dog toys and treats to your door every month!


The theme for the November box is “Home for the Holidays”.



The Goods

  1. Woof Stix Turkey – Happy Howie’s. Regular price: $3.00


The ever-popular bully stick finally gets an upgrade! Made with American turkey, these dog treats are a tasty chew for choosy pooches. Sourced entirely from the USA, these beef sticks from Happy Howie’s are a wholesome snack for your pup. Filler-free, you won’t find any lame wheat, soy, or corn products in these. Just delicious turkey and 100% natural ingredients. Kona finished 1 stick in literally 30 seconds, it was impressive. Needless to say, he loved these!

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  1. Beefy Brisket Treats – Joyful. Regular price: $6.00


Open a bag of Beefy Brisket Treats and give your dog a whiff of home cooking. Made in the USA, these snacks are made with intensely meaty American beef! The folks at Joyful bake these wheat-free treats from a hearty barley, rice, and oat batter, blended with flaxseed and potatoes. These treats are soft and chewy, which is Kona’s preferred texture of treats so he goes crazy for these!



  1. Turkey Treats – Droolers. Regular price: $5.00


These soft dog chews are made in the USA. These grain-free, corn-free and soy-free treats give your dog all the taste with none of the filler. With a rich helping of Omega-3 fatty acids, this scrumptious recipe will have your pup gobble-gobbling with glee. Another soft treat that is Kona approved. 🙂 Look at him licking his lips, lol!


  1. Nana’s Leftover Sammy – Bark & Co. Regular price: $10.00


Recapture that morning-after-Thanksgiving magic with Nana’s Leftover Sammie. A Bark & Co Original, this soft and squeaky multi-part sandwich makes playtime a chews-your-own-adventure. Discover which parts your dog loves to fetch, which parts they love gnaw, and which parts they’d like to set back in the fridge for later. As it turns out, scraps can add up to a pretty satisfying package. This toy is soft and squeaky which is really the only way Kona likes his toys, so this was a hit for him. He seemed to enjoy checking out all the different parts, too.

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  1. Pepper’s Pumpkin Pie – Bark & Co. Regular price: $8.00


Is your pup making eyes at your tasty pies? Is Fido spying on every breath you take, every pie you bake? Throw your little thief off the scent with Pepper’s Pumpkin Pie. This Bark & Co plush has a squeaker inside the slice and, to sweeten the deal, another squeaker in that dollop of whipped cream. The tough crust and durable material will keep your heavy chewer occupied, while you prep for the party in peace. Another soft, squeaky toy! Wow, this entire box officially was stuff Kona loves which is very rare for him! Yay!

  1. Single Roll Poop Bag – Bark & Co. Regular price: $2.00


Add a bit of beauty when you do your duty: pick up after your pup with these Poo Poetry poop bags! Made by Bark & Co, this roll has 15 individual extra-thick plastic bags. Each bag is printed with a line of poo poetry. I go through a LOT of poop bags with Kona… so I basically already have a lifetime supply of rolls in a drawer at my house. But seriously, I could NEVER have too many. Not only does Kona poo 2-3 times a day, but oftentimes he will go, walk 30 feet and go again, stopping up to three times on ONE walk. When you have a dog that sometimes scatters one poo in three different locations for who knows why, you go through a LOT of poo bags. So yeah, I’ll absolutely make use of these. I did laugh out loud at the 15 bags on a roll though… that MIGHT last me a week.


The items in this month’s box are worth a total of $34.00. This subscription is 24.00/month for me with the 3 month option. The month-to-month price for Bark Box is $29.00, so I think it makes sense to buy 3 months and save $15.00. BarkBox always has high quality toys and treats, and never disappoints me. In my opinion, BarkBox is the best option for a dog subscription if you are interested in a dog subscription that has equal amounts of toys and treats. (Other boxes focus on one or the other).

This month’s box was especially valuable to me because Kona loved every single toy and treat included, and I of course will use the poo bags. Normally with Kona’s subscriptions, there will be at least ONE toy or treat he does not like (he’s picky), but this month every item we got will go to good use. Success!

Use this link or use code “DEPICTION” at checkout for one month free with any subscription!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your BarkBox membership, follow these simple steps-

Log into your BarkBox account.

Click on the “Subscriptions” on the bar at the top of the page.

Click on “All Subscriptions” (if you have more than one)

Click on “Edit” next to the subscription you want to cancel.

Scroll down the page and click the “Cancel Renewal” button.


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