Pet Treater review October, 2016 (+ $5 off First Box)

Pet Treater is a subscription box for dogs that delivers new toys and treats to your door every month!


The theme for the October box is “Bark-Toberfest”.


The Goods

  1. Porky Pug Porter – Bowser Beer. Regular price: $3.99


“Porky” refers to the flavor, not the size of his butt. Bowser Beer is made without added salt or fat so drink up guilt-free. Loaded with vitamin-packed malt barley and glucosamine for healthy joints, it’s like a barbecue in a bottle. This won’t actually get dogs drunk, but it is made in a way similar to beer. Kona was not crazy about this dog beer, but he did drink some here and there throughout the day (I put it by his food and water in a bowl).

  1. Over the Door Pet Organizer – PetStor. Regular price: $26.40


Over-the-door pet organizer features 4 medium pockets and 2 large pockets. Includes a picture frame for displaying a photo of your pet and a side hook for storage of a leash or collar. It uses decorative bone grommets for the over-the-door hooks. This is easy to assemble, and easy to clean – just use a damp cloth. I already have a rolling cabinet and drawers dedicated to the pets things, so I really don’t need this. I’ll pass it on to a friend, though!

  1. Canvas Bottle Dog Toy – Sly Dog. Regular price: $9.97


This is a plush canvas toy for interactive play and training. Inside is a plastic bottle, that crackles when you squeeze the tummy. There is a Velcro seam on the back so if the plastic bottle gets worn out, you can just replace it with another one! Genius. Kona had fun playing with this toy, he was caught off guard by the feel of the plastic bottle inside and was awkwardly trying to figure this toy out, but once he got comfortable with it, it was play time!


  1. Woodstock Plush Bungee Squeaker Toy – Peanuts. Regular price: $12.95


This toy features a stretchy bungee body along with a tennis ball on one end and Woodstock’s head on the other. This toy is great for fetching and chewing. Kona went CRAZY for this toy!! He loves his plush Woodstock from a previous box, but loved this even more because the ball made it easier to throw farther and the bungee made tug-of-war really fun! He wore me out after 10 minutes of fetch-tag-tug-of-war, haha!


  1. Silicone Pumpkin Shaped Muffin Pan and Spatula. Regular price: $11.49


This is really cute muffin pan! I just bought blueberry muffin mix, so maybe for Halloween I will surprise Will with Boo-Berry Pumpkin Shaped muffins! Sounds like the perfect cheesy and most basic white girl thing I could do for Halloween, lol.

  1. Beef Knuckle – Nature’s Deli. Regular price: $3.44


Go on, give that dog a bone. A big one! Your pup deserves a reward for promising not to chew the leg of the dining room table anymore, and this beef knuckle from Nature’s Deli is just what the occasion calls for. This sliced knuckle bone is perfect for medium or large breeds. The bold, smoky flavor is loaded with protein, and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Kona loves these, which is unfortunate because I don’t love the mess they make! Anything for my baby, though.


  1. Drinking Buddy Dog Bandana. Regular price: $4.99


This bandana was way too large for Kona. He seemed happy to have it on, anyways.


  1. Chicken Smokehouse Strips – PetSafe Indigo. Regular price: $15.84


For pet parents who use their intuition and give their dog extraordinary premium treats, Indigo Smokehouse Strips are a healthy and safe alternative. They’re made with real meat and vacuum sealed for freshness. 100% made in the USA. These are made with human grade, USDA inspected meats. They should be refrigerated after opening or used within 3 days. Kona absolutely goes crazy for these! I think they might be his new favorite treat. 🙂



The total value of the items in this month’s box is $89.07! The subscription is $24/month with the month to month subscription. This is the subscription option I pay for, but there are less expensive plans if you buy all at once. I think the value is great, I am staying subscribed to this one! I wish there were more treats in this month’s box, since I have literally a mountain of dog toys but am always low on treats. I’m not discouraged though because usually the boxes do have a pretty even treat-to-toy ratio.

A lot of the boxes I am subscribed to occasionally have values more than twice the cost of the box, but Pet Treater is unique in that every box is at least 2x as valuable than the cost. (This month 3x as valuable!) If you only want to subscribe to ONE box for pets, this box will give you the most bang for your buck!

Sign up for Pet Treater today!


Save $5 on your first box! Use coupon code LOVE-PT5

Get a free pet bed with your first box! Use coupon code FREE-PTBED

Get a free Maple Bacon Dog Ice Cream with your first box using code PT-ICECREAM

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, just go to “My Account” and hit “Suspend”. If you can’t click “Suspend”, it means you have a pending shipment. Once the shipment goes through, you will be able to suspend your account.


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