Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription review October, 2016 (+ $5 off)

The Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription is a subscription that delivers 1 necktie and 4 additional accessories, such as pocket squares, lapel pins, tie bars and more every month. Each of the items will be exclusive and hand selected, and be completely coordinated to make it easy to dress to impress.


This review is for the October Harrison Blake subscription.

The Goods

  1. Knit Block Tie – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $30.00


The classic knit tie. Casual or Dressy? You decide. Perfect for looking stylish in jeans or a full suit. Harrison Blake’s new collection of knit ties is perfect for you. Casual in appearance, yet cool and stylish at the same time, these new knit ties are the perfect piece for you to be able to show your dapper streetstyle. Me and my boyfriend are on opposite schedules, so I tied this tie in a Windsor knot (It’s what I do, he’s never tied his own tie), put the tie clip next to it, and kindly texted him to take a picture of himself wearing the tie and clip for my review. This is what he sends me… haha! Unmatched shirt, crooked tie bar… gotta love him.

  1. Pocket Square – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $15.00


This pocket square is handcrafted 100% fine cotton. I wasn’t even going to try to have my boyfriend figure out this one on his own lol. If he ever needs to wear a suit for a nice work event, I will put this to use and show him how to be a dapper young man.

  1. Grey and Red Striped Socks – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $8.00


These soft, comfortable socks are stylish and perfect to make a statement with. Put them on! Get compliments. Repeat.US Size 10-13. My boyfriend loves socks! He was very happy with these, he said they were soft and warm, but breathable. He sleeps with socks on (crazy I know), and said these are perfect to wear to work and/or sleep in. Comfortable and versatile.

  1. Car Tie Bar – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $25.00


This tie bar has a classic car shape with a silver finish. It is super unique and edgy, I told William in the business world wearing this tie bar will give people a subtle hint that he’s secretly awesome hahaha! He is a financial planner so he is around fancy serious dudes all day.

  1. Drawstring Bag – Harrison Blake. Regular price: $6.00


Will takes this ugly blue drawstring bag that’s falling apart EVERYWHERE with him- to work, to the gym, in the car… He keeps water, fruit, a tie, and a change of clothes in it. He’s a weirdo. When he saw this his eyes lit up literally, and he was like “Wow yeah that’s really nice, that’s perfect! I’ll definitely use that from now on, I love it. I needed something like this, it will probably last way longer then that crappy one I use”, and went on and on. Ironically, this was the biggest hit of everything in the box haha.


The Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription costs $25/mo and always includes 1 tie and 4 accessories, worth about 3x the cost of the subscription. I know if I was a guy this would be worth it because I love being unique and cool at the same time. My boyfriend had never seen a block tie before and was kind of confused by it, but he liked the pattern, and he loved the socks, tie bar, and bag. He does not use cuff links or pocket squares so probably won’t subscribe to this box. If you are a fashion forward guy who likes to look casual and stylish at the same time, you will love this subscription! It’s definitely a great value for what you get. I must add, the box came with a list of suggested retail for all the items, which is the prices shown… but even on their site identical or VERY similar items are being sold individually for less than half of what they list them being worth on the card that came with the box.The total still comes to $40 or more, but that’s nowhere near the value they advertise.

Sign up here and become a trend setter today!

Use Code FASTFIVE at checkout for $5 off.

Ease of Cancellation

If you’d like to cancel at any time, please email contact@harrisonblakeapparel.com or call their toll free number 1-877-348-8502. You can also cancel yourself by going to the secure link you will be given at initial sign up and/or the link found in each emailed monthly invoice. Follow the link and cancel the subscription.


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