Try the World review Italy, 2016

Try The World is a subscription box that delivers a variety of foods from a different country to your door, every two months.


This box is filled with authentic food and snacks from Italy.



The Goods

  1. Egg Pappardelle – La Pasta di Aldo. Regular price: $6.37

Named “the finest pasta in Italy,” this pappardelle is made with just egg and flour. The owners roll the dough and hang the noodles by hand, so they retain their flavor and chewy texture. Unlike machine-made pasta, this pappardelle also has a porous surface, so the noodles hold onto sauces well. Pappardelle is best paired with cream or meat-based sauces, though it’s delicious with pesto as well. I tried this last night using the pesto from this box, and the noodles are fantastic! Hard to believe it’s just eggs and flour!

  1. Ground Coffee – Giuliano Caffe. Regular price: $4.70


Named a “master of taste” by Slow Food International, Giuliano Caffè roasts their coffee beans in small batches for 20 minutes at a time—more than twice the length of the standard industrial process! This traditional coffee bean blend boasts a beautiful aroma with smooth flavor and an intense, round body. This coffee was a bit too bitter for my taste, nothing a ton of French Vanilla creamer couldn’t fix. It didn’t give me much of a caffeine buzz either so I’ll probably pass this along to a friend.

  1. Classic Amaretti – Marabissi. Regular price: $3.00


In 1948, the Marabissi family opened their first bakery in Siena. Still today, they use flour ground from Pugliesi almonds grown in southern Italy instead of the more common (and cost effective) ground apricot kernel. Extra crushed almonds stirred into the batter give these cookies a delicious texture. These cookies are Italian macaroons baked using almond flour. I loved these! The texture, soft, moist, with a bit of crunch was mouth watering. I have to buy more!

  1. Balsamic Vinegar – Societa Agricola Acetomodena. Regular price: $5.76


Vibrant, tart, and slightly sweet, this IGP-certified vinegar is made with lambrusco and trebbiano grapes. It’s an excellent complement to cured meats and sharp cheeses, but also pairs well with fruit and gelato. This balsamic vinegar is vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian. This had the classic balsamic flavor, but tasted soo much more fresh and flavorful. Goes great with oil and bread!

  1. Truffle Zest – Sabatino Tartufi. Regular price: $2.68


Major chefs flock to Sabatino Tartufi for the quality truffle products that this family-owned company has been making since 1911. Their truffle zest is a brand new product made with real truffles that are grown on the family grounds—unlike most truffle condiments from the grocery store. Sprinkle it onto pasta, risotto, eggs, and more to easily upgrade a basic weeknight dish. I used this to make truffle fries and they tasted way better than the truffle fries I buy in fancy restaurants! Plus, this will last me forever because I rarely cook with truffle flavoring. Yay!

  1. Pesto Sauce – Cascina San Cassiano. Regular price: $4.22

This rich, cheese-laden pesto is made by Cascina San Cassiano, a small Italian company that’s dedicated to sustainability. Try it with pasta, on top of a pizza, or as a condiment in sandwiches. I tried this on the egg noodles from this box, and it tasted great! Strong and flavorful, this is all I needed on the noodles to make the dish taste fantastic!

  1. Mushroom Risotto Kit – Terrigena. Regular price: $7.90


A tasty mixture of Arborio rice and porcini mushrooms. To make this, pour the content of the bag into a pan. Add 800 ml of cold water. During cooking mix from time to time and, if necessary, add a bit ‘of water until cooked (17/18 minutes). When cooked, as you like add a knob of butter and a handful of Grana or Parmesan cheese and let it rest for 1 minute. I have not tried this yet but I LOVE risotto, I can’t wait to eat this, I’m sure it will be the best since it’s authentic Italian risotto.

  1. Margherita Hazelnut Cream – Maison della Nocciola. Regular price: $4.26

Maison della Nocciola has been growing hazelnuts certified by the Italian government in Piedmonte for five generations. This particular cream is named after the daughter of the current owners and contains 54% hazelnuts—close to 40% more than most spreads on the market. It’s incredible on toast, with berries, or directly off the spoon. Wow, this tastes like a cross between Nutella and peanut butter and I absolutely LOVE it! I ate mine on crackers and then a banana since I didn’t have bread available. Then I ate half the containers worth strait with a spoon. It’s THAT good!



The Try The World subscription box costs $39.00 every two months. I came up with a total value of $38.89 for the items in this month’s box. The cost of the box is about equal to the value of what’s inside, which is normal for a food subscription. The experience of getting to try foods from another country and culture that I never would have gotten to try otherwise makes this box invaluable, you can’t put a price on experience!

Sign up for Try the World today and get an additional box FREE! Just use this link!

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, Just go to Account>Manage Subscriptions>Cancel Subscription. When I went to cancel, they offered me my next box for 50% off to stay, so obviously I did! I like this subscription, easy to use and considerate to the customers.


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