PinchME review October, 2016

PINCHme is a website that offers samples of products for free in exchange for honest reviews. You fill out a profile about your shopping habits and household, and what you like. Based on your answers they’ll offer samples for review and you can choose which ones you’d like to receive.


Once you get the samples in the mail, all you have to do is try out the products and provide feedback through the PINCHme website.

The Goods

  1. Scrubbing Dish Cloth – Scotch-Brite. Regular price: $2.50

I normally use paper towels to clean my kitchen, and throw them away as I go so I waste a lot, I don’t use rags because they leave behind fibers and are hard to rinse thoroughly as I go. The scotch dish cloth is PERFECT, because it doesn’t leave fibers behind and is also better than paper towels because it has the little scrubbers so I can get the dried coffee drips and dried food on the oven off WAY easier with this cloth. When it gets really dirty, it rinses clean quick and easy so it’s not time consuming to keep it clean as I go. I’ve wasted SO many paper towels cleaning surfaces and those cost $18.99 for 12, so this cloth will save me money BIG time. Since it’s pretty durable I won’t need to buy more very often, either. That’s the best part, the money I’ll save. I still prefer a scrubbing wand for dishes but the cloth is handy for dishes that aren’t that dirty. Two of these would for sure last me as long as a 12 pack of paper towels since I’m not wearing them out on greasy crusty dishes, and two for $4.99 is much more appealing to buy and use than paper towels. Cheaper, more efficient, and better quality. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to try this and now I can continue to buy and use them.

  1. Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken – Purina One. Regular price: $1.50


Our cat loves to eat our dogs dry food, so we normally do not buy dry cat food (we give Mouse Cop 3oz of wet Natural Balance Platefuls food twice a day) and if he is hungry in between, he munches on our dog, Kona’s, food. To my surprise, Mouse Cop devoured this Purina One food, and I have a feeling he loved it because of the tender chicken pieces. Since it is probably better for him to eat dry food made for cats, I used the $2.00 off coupon included in my box and bought him a 3.5 lb bag at Wal-Mart. He does seem to be much happier having his own dry food he loves, so we are all happy.


Since whatever PINCHme sends is 100% free, I’d say that’s a pretty great value! I love subscription boxes and all, but it’s fun to do stuff like this as well just to try new products for free. I enjoy reviewing so that part is easy, it’s really a no brainier to participate in programs like this.


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