Pet Treater review September, 2016

Pet Treater is a subscription box for dogs that delivers new toys and treats to your door every month!


The theme for the August box is “Ain’t Nothin But A Hound Dog”.


The Goods

  1. Peanut Butter Cheesecake Mix – Puppy Cake. Regular price: $7.99


Give your dog one of these healthy and grain-free cheesecakes for dogs or make dog cupcakes with Puppy Cake Cheesecake Mix for dogs. These grain-free cheesecakes come complete with coconut crumble crust so you can have a dog bakery at home! These healthy treats for dogs require only hot tap water for a complete cheesecake for dogs. Refrigerate this cheesecake for the best dog treats your dog will ever eat! Unlike cakes for people, Puppy Cakes are healthy and safe for your dog. Fed in moderation, Puppy Cake is a fun and healthy supplement to your dog’s diet. Puppy Cakes pet food is made with all natural, human grade ingredients, available in wheat free and grain free options and is made here in the USA.

So on the box it said “Now the whole family can enjoy cake – even the dog!” And I thought that meant these were for the whole family but safe for dogs as well, so I bit RIGHT in to one of these and lets just say… these are definitely dog only! Haha!

  1. Three Cheese Pleasers – Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations. Regular price: $1.35


This cookie is shaped like a guitar and was way too hard for Kona to show interest. Kona will only eat hard treats like this if I break them up for him, but I couldn’t do it! I ended up using a HAMMER, yes, a hammer to break this up so Kona would eat it. He did eat it after that but geeze. Homemade in Tennessee and veterinarian recommended, Emmy’s Treats provide the perfect combination of healthy nutrition and great taste.

  1. Elvis Loves Me Tender Candle – Sonoma Entertainment. Regular price: $9.50


Limited Edition Anniversary Collection Scented Candle. I thought this candle looked pretty cool; the design was multi-color and metallic. I even like the lime green wax. It smells like a cross between fruity and floral, an all around pleasant scent for any room. I wish I could find information about if this is regular candle wax or soy because if it is soy that would be doubly awesome.

  1. Latex Hippo – MultiPet. Regular price: $6.99


Multipet Latex Animal Hippo is a dog toy with an oversized head and small body. This toy is designed for dogs who like toys that make noise. Silly but adorable, these latex toys will spur your dog to action! These soft latex toys are mostly head, but they’re easy for your dog to hang onto. This hippo makes a loud “grunt” when squeezed. The toys will bounce, roll and sail into your small dog’s heart. Except not so much Kona’s heart, he isn’t really a fan of toys that are not soft, I couldn’t get him to play with this for the life of me. I’ll pass this one along to a fellow dog owning friend.


  1. Elvis Blue Suede Shoe Plush Dog Toy – Elvis Presley Pet Collection. Regular price: $14.99


The Elvis Blue Suede Shoe Plush Dog Toy is one blue suede shoe you won’t mind the pooch playing with! This plush chew toy has Elvis embroidered on top. “Don’t you chew on my blue suede shoes” and signature from the King screened on bottom. There’s even a squeaker in the toe of the shoe. Kona went crazy for this one! I got a huge work out playing fetch-tag-tug-of-war with him, I was so happy when he stopped for a water break (that’s when I know he’s done).

  1. Warming and Cooling Pet Mat – Furimals. Regular price: $14.99


Give your pet a place to warm up or cool down with the Furimals Warming and Cooling Pet Mat. With Microcore patented technology in order to warm and cool, the innovative mat provides a place for your pet to stay comfortable all the time. I was SO confused by this until I finally realized that you put it in the freezer to cool it and the microwave to warm it, lol. I was thinking, “How does the mat know if my pet wants to be warm or cold?” Haha!


  1. S’mores Sandwich Cremes Dog Treats – Exclusively Dog. Regular price: $8.99


These Sandwich Creme Cookies were created to make sure dogs are treated no differently than anyone else in the family. They’re made with natural, kosher ingredients and no animal parts and by-products. Yummy graham, carob and marshmallow flavored sandwich cremes will have your pup’s tail wagging in no time. 100% sourced and made in the USA. These are on sale for $4.85 at if anyone is interested. Not gonna LIE, I had to try these just because they look so real! They actually did just taste like bland cookies, not bad like dog food.


BONUS – HelloFresh $50.00 Off First Box. I’ve already gotten my first box from HelloFresh, so you’re welcome to it.



The total value of the items in this month’s box is $65.80. The subscription is $24/month with the month to month subscription. This is the subscription option I pay for, but there are less expensive plans if you buy all at once. I think the value is great, I am staying subscribed to this one! I wish there were more treats in this month’s box, since I have literally a mountain of dog toys but am always low on treats. I’m not discouraged though because usually the boxes do have a pretty even treat-to-toy ratio.

A lot of the boxes I am subscribed to occasionally have values more than twice the cost of the box, but Pet Treater is unique in that every box is at least 2x as valuable than the cost. If you only want to subscribe to ONE box for pets, this box will give you the most bang for your buck!

Sign up for Pet Treater today!


Save $5 on your first box! Use coupon code LOVE-PT5

Get a free pet bed with your first box! Use coupon code PT-BED

Get a free Maple Bacon Dog Ice Cream with your first box using code PT-ICECREAM

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, just go to “My Account” and hit “Suspend”. If you can’t click “Suspend”, it means you have a pending shipment. Once the shipment goes through, you will be able to suspend your account.


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