BarkBox review September, 2016 (First Box for $1!)

BarkBox is a subscription that delivers a box of new dog toys and treats to your door every month!


This month’s theme is “Bark To School”.


The Goods

  1. Crunchy Puffs – Yeti Dog Treats. Regular price: $6.00


These scrumptious puffed treats only have three ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, and lime juice. These remind me of another yak milk treat, Yaky Nugget Dog Treats. Those come small and you microwave them and they puff up to look like these treats. I prefer those because if I puff them at home the package can fit more than 4 treats lol.

  1. Sloppy Joe Treats – Natural Pup. Regular price: $6.00


These all natural dog treats are gluten free and made in the USA. The first ingredient is beef, blended into an oat and barley batter with tomatoes, potatoes, and flaxseed. Kona loves these! He prefers soft and chewy treats, so these were his favorite treats in this month’s box. The expression on Kona’s face perfectly sums up how he feels about these, lol.


  1. Peanut Butter and Jowly Sandwich Toy – R2P Pet. Regular price: $12.00


This toy is covered in plush with a squeaker in the middle. For Kona, the softer and squeakier, the better, so he enjoys this toy a lot. Since its new he’s been bringing this toy to me for a game of fetch every day since I opened the box. We’ve been having fun with this one! Also, I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches about 3 days a week so it’s kind of funny Kona has this toy, we can chew our sandwiches together haha!

  1. Sausage and Chips – Munchables. Regular price: $7.00

These Munchables Sausage and Sweet Potato chips are a hit with Kona. They are gluten free and made in the USA. The chicken sausages include rosemary and natural smoke, like cocktail sausages for your pup, and the chips have just two ingredients: sweet potatoes and rice flour. Check out Kona mid-roll-over for these treats!


  1. Number Poo Pencil – Hyper Pet. Regular price: $12.00


This Number Poo pencil is a fuzzy writing chewtensil! Plush and squeaky, it’s the perfect Bark to School gift, lol. Kona did play with this for awhile, but I’ll probably still pass this on to a friend because I have way too many toys! So I have to be very selective about which ones I keep or my house would literally be full of dog toys. Kona is spoiled rotten!


The items in this months box are worth a total of $43.00. This subscription is 24.00/month for me with the 3 month option. The month-to-month price for Bark Box is $29.00, so I think it makes sense to buy 3 months and save $15.00. BarkBox always has high quality toys and treats, and never disappoints me. In my opinion, BarkBox is the best option for a dog subscription if you are interested in a dog subscription that has equal amounts of toys and treats. (Other boxes focus on one or the other).

Use this link or use code “DEPICTION” at checkout for one month free with any subscription!

Get your first box for just $1 using this link!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your BarkBox membership, follow these simple steps-

Log into your BarkBox account.

Click on the “Subscriptions” on the bar at the top of the page.

Click on “All Subscriptions” (if you have more than one)

Click on “Edit” next to the subscription you want to cancel.

Scroll down the page and click the “Cancel Renewal” button.


My cat was staring at me amidst Kona’s box stuff… he was definitely wondering where his box was haha! Sorry Mouse Cop!


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