Home Made Luxe review September, 2016 (+ 50% off)

Home Made Luxe is a DIY Craft subscription Box. Each box contains all the materials needed to create a gorgeous home decor project.


This month’s box included all the supplies to make a Starburst Wall Decor.




~ 12”, 10”, 8”, and 6” Bamboo Skewers. Regular price: $3.44

~ Wire Cutters. Regular price: $1.95

~ 3”, 2.5”, and 1.5” Half Balls. Regular price: $2.49

~ Gold Spray Paint . Regular price: $1.99



The first step of this project is to use the wire cutters to score an 8” skewer in half.


Now use the indentation to break it in half.


Continue this method until you have 42 4” skewers, keeping only the halves with pointed ends. This method of breaking the skewers in half would have taken forever, so I used a good pair of scissors and cut a bunch at once, saving me a lot of time I’m sure.


Using the same method, score and break the 8” skewers into 2” long skewers until you have 42 2” skewers with pointed ends.


Step two is to separate the skewers and half balls you will need for each starburst.


For the third step, start creating the large starburst by using the 3” half ball and 12” skewers. Stick the pointed ends of 4 skewers around the bottom of the half ball in the shape of a cross.


Stick more 12” skewers between the 4 skewers until you use all 16 12” skewers.


Step four is to take a 10” skewer and place on second row in between the skewers of the previous layer. Stick the skewer in at a slight upward angle. Continue all around the half ball until the row is completed.


Additional rows: Continue in this fashion with each consecutive length skewer until the entire half ball is covered.


Next, spray paint your completed starbursts. I sprayed mine outside to take care of any mess or fumes.


Final Result

To finish, hang the starbursts on nails using the premade holes in the back of each half ball.



Home Made Luxe is $39.99 per month. The value of the supplies in this month’s box was about $9.87. I decided to give this box a shot because I enjoy Darby Smart so much. The retail equivalent to this project costs $42.99. DIY craft boxes, unlike other subscription boxes, are valuable because of the experience they provide more so than the cost. I ultimately decided not to stay subscribed to this just because I can’t afford a $40/mo box. That’s too bad, because Home Made Luxe projects are generally fancier and nicer than the projects I get from Darby Smart.

If you CAN afford it, the experience of creating arts and crafts is priceless. So if you enjoy doing projects like these at home I definitely suggest this box.

Sign up for Home Made Luxe today and use code “HALFOFF” for 50% off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, just log in to your account and under your subscription click “cancel”. Easy peasy!


2 thoughts on “Home Made Luxe review September, 2016 (+ 50% off)

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! i truly appreciate it and I love how the project looks in your living room. It was a pleasure having you as a subscriber, we have some changes coming soon so I look forward to winning you back as a subbie 🙂


  2. Those look surprisingly nice! It’s interesting to see the variation from the previous month. This one looks a lot nicer, for sure.


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