Darby Smart review September, 2016

Darby Smart is a subscription box that delivers all the materials you’ll need for a new DIY project every month!


This month the box came with all the supplies you need to make an Enchanted Fairy Garden.



Miniature Black Cat. Regular price: $.75

Natural Spanish Moss. Regular price: $3.00

Multicraft Paintable Wooden Tray. Regular price: $5.00

Miniature Pumpkin.  Regular price: $.83

Miniature Broom. Regular price: $1.25

Red Mushroom Trio. Regular price: $1.00

Miniature Fairy Garden Gnome. Regular price: $9.00

EEK Spider. Regular price: $1.00

Miniature Grey Mouse. Regular price: $.50

Miniature Hay Bale. Regular price: $2.00


  1. Lay Your Foundation Like A Moss

First, grab a handful of moss and put it in your tray. Make sure you have a nice thick layer, as this will be the foundation for your garden. Stretch your moss out to make sure it covers the full surface area of your tray – no need to be gentle! Create mossy hills and valleys to add dimension to your garden.


      2. Make A Scene

Next, start arranging your miniatures! There’s no wrong way to do this. You can rearrange your garden as many times as you want. Change it up and do a different scene every day!


Final Result



Darby Smart is $19.00 a month, and the contents of this month’s box are worth about $24.33. I think the value lies more so in the experience than the cost. To me, being able to take a break and create something for myself or someone I love every month is priceless.

I must admit I am super disappointed in this month’s box, Darby Smart sells all the supplies on their site and that’s where I got the prices, but I seriously bet for them everything in this box was probably worth $5.00 with Alibaba and everything else. Also, this is not enchanted, there is no fairies, and no garden so I don’t know why it’s called Enchanted Fairy Garden. Also, this will make sense to have out only around Halloween. I like DIY projects because I learn how to make useful items and/or beautiful home décor. This is not useful nor is it attractive or cool. I normally love my Darby Smart boxes, this month was just a dud.

Sign up for your Darby Smart DIY Box today and use code HOWDYDARBY for $10.00 off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

To end your membership, send an email to wink@darbysmart.com and let them know you’d like to cancel.


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