Allure Beauty Box review September, 2016 (+ $5 Off)

Allure Beauty Box is a monthly subscription from Allure Magazine. Each box contains hand-picked, deluxe-size product samples from major brands and innovative newcomers that Allure editors deem the best of the best. Plus, you’ll also get a special-edition “mini magazine” chock full of product reviews.


The Goods

  1. Omnia Coral Eau de Toilette Spray – Bvlgari. Regular price: $8.40

BVLGARI introduces a new, lively, cheerful fragrance inspired by Coral, the red gold of the Mediterranean Sea. With notes of Goji Berries, Sparkling Citrus, Hibiscus Flower and Pomegranate, Omnia Coral is a true gem of the ocean. I never wear perfume because it gives me headaches and anyways, when I smell perfume I immediately think “old person” haha! I know it’s not something only old people wear, but with people my age, nice smelling shampoo, lotion and fabric softener is enough. BUT- I did actually really love the smell of this, I even put some on and I don’t even have a headache! I think I will start wearing this… I love the light, fruity floral scent.

  1. GrandePRIMER – GrandeLASH – MD. Regular price: $7.99


Give your natural lashes an extraordinary boost with GrandePRIMER, a specially formulated mascara primer that thickens and lengthens your eyelashes while preparing each lash for flawless mascara application. The Italian-made eye lash primer formula is infused with nutrient rich mini fibers to fortify your lashes with each stroke of the applicator. GrandePRIMER works to prevent breakage and improve lash appearance. The primer goes on white, immediately before mascara, to enhance lashes and ensure a perfectly defined mascara application. I’m not sure I totally understand the point of this; I’ve never heard that eyelashes should be conditioned or cared for like regular hair, and mine have survived this long and look fine. I think they’ll be able to live without it.

  1. Shine-On Lip Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – Supergoop! Regular price: $7.86


Shine-On Lip Screen SPF 50 contains antioxidant-rich grape polyphenols and sunflower seed oil to transform your favorite lip color into a protective UV shield—defending lips from dehydration and photoaging. The clear topcoat allows your base color to show through, highlighting it with a soft shine and water-resistant finish. This makes my lips look super shiny which I love but it’s a bit sticky. I’ll definitely use this for when I’m tanning and in the sun.

  1. PhysioLift EYES – Eau Thermale Avene. Regular price: $5.30


This wrinkle smoothing eye treatment has a soothing and cooling “patch” like texture that mimics skin. I knew this was going to be good, because it contains sodium hyaluronate. Hyaluronic acid has all this hype of holding 1000x it’s weight in water and being great for smoothing wrinkles. Only problem, it is not capable of penetrating the skin, so we don’t get those benefits when we use products that advertise it as an ingredient. Sodium Hyaluronate, on the other hand, is the salt molecule of hyaluronic acid, also holds 1000x it’s weight in water, AND actually PeNeTrAtEs the skin. Plumping and smoothing out wrinkles. This is the ONLY ingredient I require when shipping for anti-aging serums and moisturizers. I’m happy this cream passed the test!

  1. Blue Lotus 4~IN~1 Cleansing Milk – Pur~lisse. Regular price: $20.00


Blue Lotus cleansing milk fused with Soy Milk, Whole Oat and White Tea is a gentle, soap & sulfate free cleanser that washes away dirt, impurities & makeup in 1 simple step.  This soothing multi-tasker leaves skin pure and clean without stripping skin of its natural oils.  Blue Lotus Cleansing Milk removes makeup (even mascara) while toning and soothing skin. Another Pur~lisse product, Blue Lotus moisturizing lotion is my #1 all time favorite face product because it has all the perks and superior anti-aging ingredients of a serum with the moisturizing properties of a lotion. It is everything, literally. So I am so happy to have this to try, and maybe I’ll just use all Pur~lisse products for skincare, lol.

  1. Breathable Treatment & Nail Polish in Feeling Free – Orly. Regular price: $8.99


This nail polish is a two-for-one deal, with rich color and nourishing treatment as well. Advanced oxygen technology, argan oil, and Vitamin B5 and C keep your nails healthy and strong. No base or top coat is needed with this nail polish. Two coats is recommended, but I only applied one coat and the color was still rich and pigmented, as you can see. I also am impressed with how shiny this is without even needing a top coat. Nice!



The total value of the products in this months box is $58.54. The Allure Beauty Box costs $15.00/month, so this is a pretty big value (the value is almost 4x higher than the cost of the box). This box is special in my opinion because the products are always the BEST of the best, high end beauty products. I can’t afford to spend a ton of money on expensive skincare/haircare/makeup products, so it’s really nice to get to try all these great products. I usually don’t spend more than $10 for makeup and skincare boxes, but I’m making an exception for the Allure Beauty Box!

I calculated the value of these products by dividing the amount in the sample by the amount in a full sized. Then I divided the cost of the full size by the difference in the amounts. Example- Sample is .25 oz, full size is 1.2 oz. 1.2/.25=4.8. Full size is $30.00 so 30/4.8=6.25. Sample is $6.25.

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