Influenster “Endless Summer” VoxBox review, 2016

Influenster is a community of shoppers that test products for free based on social media influence, share opinions and reviews of brands, and discuss the latest products and tips.


I was lucky enough to be selected to receive the “Endless Summer” VoxBox.



The Goods

  1. Masterpiece Max Mascara – Max Factor. Regular price: $9.99


A high-impact, volumizing mascara that creates bold, smooth, sleek lashes with up to four times your bare-lash volume. This mascara is smudge-proof and touch-proof, and safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. I was really surprised with how well this mascara kept my eyelashes separated, they didn’t clump at all. This made each individual lash thicker and longer, I’m impressed!


      2. Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner. Regular price: $9.99


Transform your look with bold intensity. The unique paddle-shaped tip draws both a dramatic thick line and an elegant thin line, to create the precise look you want. This eyeliner has the intensity of a liquid eyeliner with the precision of a pencil.


I literally could not be happier with an eyeliner. I always wear black liquid eyeliner, and my go-to is MAC Liquid Liner in Boot Black. I’m afraid this new eyeliner takes the cake, it glides effortlessly from thin to thick with the paddle shaped tip, and goes on pitch black. I love it!


3. Assorted Flavors of Tea – Numi Organic Tea. Regular price: $1.60


Turmeric Fields of Gold – I normally can’t stand the taste of turmeric, but I liked this tea because the other flavors overpower the turmeric flavor. The flavor that stood out the most to me in this tea was the cinnamon, which is great because I love cinnamon!

Jasmine Green – I was a little uncertain of how the Jasmine flavor would effect the delicate taste I am accustomed to in green tea, but I have to confess I believe it enhances the flavor immensely. This cup of tea was delightful!

Emperor’s Pu Erh – This tea has got a slightly malty and earthy flavor. Pu Erh tea is known for it’s unique ability to lower cholesterol, so that’s always a plus. This tea gave me a noticeable boost in energy, similar to coffee. Can’t complain!

4. Way to Grow Leave-In Conditioner – Not Your Mother’s. Regular price: $3.50


Made with essential vitamins, herbs and and bioactive extracts, this salon formula conditioner will strengthen, moisturize and give your hair a silky texture and has ingredients clinically proven to help hair grow stronger and faster. It is made in the USA and sulfate, paraben, soy and gluten free. I sprayed a liberal amount of this on my hair after my shower yesterday and combed it through. My hair is smooth and shiny today, and soft to the touch. I like how this treatment makes my hair look and feel, I’ll probably continue to buy this once it runs out. I’m excited to see if it really does help my hair grow!

  5. Premier Nail Colour and Top Coat – Seche. Regular price: $11.98


The nail polish was a bright coral shade called “Cunning.” This long lasting nail polish looks really beautiful on. I’m so glad I got this color, coral is my favorite color to wear! The first coat was a bit thin, but with the second coat the color was bright and saturated. Once the color was dry I applied the top coat. This top coat is specially formulated to penetrate through the nail lacquer of the base coat forming a strong, durable finish. It is now the day after applying these, and only one nail has a small chip. Not bad!


  6. Essential Protein – Iron-Tek. Regular price: $1.50


Iron-Tek Essential Protein’s specialized blend of whey proteins come from American grass-fed cows (no growth hormones!). Instantized so that it can be easily mixed without a blender and into your favorite beverage. I was bummed to see this sample is only enough to mix with a half cup of liquid. I chose cold water for mine. I like how this tasted, it was sweet and smooth with a light vanilla flavor.


The products in this box are worth about $38.56. Since I received these products complimentary for testing purposes, this is quite a valuable box! There wasn’t one thing in this box that I didn’t like, everything is impressive and very high quality. I feel very lucky to be an “Influenster”, and I hope this won’t be the last VoxBox I review here!

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