Home Made Luxe review August, 2016 (+50% off)

Home Made Luxe is a DIY Craft subscription Box. Each box contains all the materials needed to create a gorgeous home decor project.


This month’s box included all the supplies to make a Mason Jar Organizer.



  1. Mason Jar. Regular price: $2.49


2. Hose Clamp. Regular price: $1.99


3. Wood. Regular price: $2.00


4. Wood Stain. Regular price: $6.92


5. Paint Brush. Regular price: $5.86


6. Picture Hanging Kit. Regular price: $1.00


7. Screw Driver. Regular price: $3.50


8. Artificial Flowers. Regular price: $1.79



To begin this project, my first step was to stain the wood and let it dry overnight.


Once the stain was dry, I screwed the hose clamp to the wood. The wood came with the screw hole pre-drilled, so luckily this wasn’t too difficult.


Next, I used a hammer to nail the picture hanging kit to the back of the wood.


For the front, I tightened the Mason Jar in to the hose clamp until it was secure.


Final Result

As I was finishing this project, I thought the flower stems looked funny in the open space of the mason jar. To fix this, I took some of the confetti paper from the box it came in and used it to fill the space inside. It worked out, and ended up looking pretty good!



Home Made Luxe is $39.99 per month. The value of the supplies in this month’s box was about $25.55, although I have a feeling all these supplies in bulk probably cost them more like $10 a box. I decided to give this box a shot because I enjoy Darby Smart so much. The other projects on the Home Made Luxe site, like the marbled ring dish and succulent terrarium looked so awesome, so I had high hopes for this box. I gotta say, I’m a little bummed out with the project I received. It just looks kind of cheesy and cheap with the fake flowers and hose clamp. I ultimately decided not to stay subscribed to this just because I can’t afford a $40/mo box. I didn’t cancel in time before I got charged again, though. So I’ll have another Home Made Luxe box to review in September.

If you CAN afford it, the experience of creating arts and crafts is priceless. So if you enjoy doing projects like these at home I definitely suggest this box.

Sign up for Home Made Luxe today and use code “HALFOFF” for 50% off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, just log in to your account and under your subscription click “cancel”. Easy peasy!


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