Pet Gift Box review Dog Box (+ 50% off)

Pet Gift Box is a subscription service that sends a themed box every month of hand-selected treats and toys specifically created for cats or dogs.


This is a review for the dog box, and actually this box was sent to me as a mistake because I ordered a cat box for my cat, and this box had my cat’s name on the front but inside was all dog stuff. I contacted Pet Gift Box and they apologized and sent me my cat box, but I figured I might as well still review this box lol.

The Goods

  1. Gone Fishing Toy – Bow Wow Pet. Regular price: $8.99


Holy Mackerel! Watch Fido go crazy reeling in this crinkle bodied burlap buddy. Kona absolutely LOVED this toy! I think he must have a special preference for large crinkle toys because whenever he wants to play, he always chooses those out of the pile. He likes squeaky toys too, but his favorites are always toys similar to this one. He gets crazy excited about brand new toys though, so he was running around with this toy for awhile shaking his bottom in a bowing stance and running in circles. So cute!

  1. Catch Of The Day – Scoochie. Regular price: $14.99


Fido will love to fetch this soft yet strong latex toy made with 70% natural rubber for added durability. Good for indoor and outdoor play. What a catch! Kona’s interest in this toy was fleeting, he was too excited about the Gone Fishing Toy to spend much time on this one. I’ll probably gift this to a friend’s dog.


  1. Ocean Sushi – Dogs Love Fish. Regular price: $12.99


Now your dog can also enjoy their own sushi snack! Sourced from the clean, clear waters of Norway, we guarantee your Dog Loves Fish! Indeed, Kona DID love these treats! This little bag is about the same price as sushi, too… $12.99 is a lot for just a small bag of treats, don’t you think? I’m glad I got to try these from this box though, since I wouldn’t buy them otherwise. Kona goes crazy for these treats!


  1. Salmon Mango Fish Bone – Exclusively Dog. Regular price: $3.99


Salmon & Mango Flavor crunchy dog bone with no added sugars. Made with natural ingredients and wheat, corn and soy free. Proudly made in the USA. Kona would not eat this bone as-is, I had to break it in to bite sized pieces to get him to eat it. He eventually finished it, but he slowly nibbled on it throughout the night instead of eating it all at once. So it’s safe to say he wasn’t a huge fan of this.


  1. Salmon SkinBarkworthies. Regular price: $3.49


Jam-packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, this high protein treat will help maintain your pup’s healthy skin and beautiful coat. Something about this treat grossed me out. It’s just… so scaly, and… fishy. Lol. Kona loved it, though! He got out of arms reach with it and gobbled it up. When he really likes something he seems to worry I will take it from him because if I get too close he backs up and looks nervous. Silly dog…



The value of the items in this months box is about $35.95. Pet Gift Box is $28.99/month for a month-to-month subscription, all the way down to $18.99/month for an annual subscription! This box is an OK value as it is (month to month) but a huge value if paying yearly. I’ve been happy with the contents of the boxes as well, but I have cancelled my subscription just because he has WAY too many toys right now. I had to limit the number of dog subscriptions to two, and Pet Gift Box didn’t make the cut because it is more toys than treats. All I’m interested in is treats since he has enough toys to entertain a dog army.

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Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, just go to “Account”, then “My Subscriptions”, “Details”(next to the subscription you wish to cancel), and click the red “Cancel” button. That’s it!


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