BarkBox review August, 2016

BarkBox is a subscription that delivers a box of new dog toys and treats to your door every month!


This month’s theme is “California Droolin’.”


The Goods

1.      Fish Taco –Think Dog! Regular price: $10.00


The folks at Think Dog! stuffed this taco with a tough rubber fish, then covered it in tough toppings inside the squeaky tortilla. I mean, just look at this toy… it’s freakin hilarious! I’d imagine the expression on this fish’s face is how a real fish would react to being turned in to a taco inspired dog toy, lol. Kona likes this toy a lot, because it is soft for fetch and hard for chewing.


2.      Hollywoof Camera – Bark & Co. Regular price: $10.00


Ready for your closeup, pup? This plush Bark & Co Original camera is stuffed with three squeakers, plenty for your next feature film. This toy is pretty big for Kona, but he didn’t seem to mind. He seems to accept any toys that have fur and a squeaker, regardless of their shape or size.

3.      Baja Fish Biscuits – Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Regular price: $7.00


Get a taste of the sea with these USA-made fish biscuits from the Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Simple and wholesome, perfect for sensitive stomachs. Kona usually won’t eat crunchy bone shaped treats unless I break them up first, so I was surprised when he took this and ate it right up! I was expecting him to set it in front of me and give me that “Fix this, please…” look, but nope!


4.      Beef Knee Cap Chew – Butcher’s Block Pet Treats. Regular price: $3.00


Your pup will love gnawing this delicious beef treat, straight from Omaha, Nebraska. Slow-roasted and hand-trimmed for major mouth-watering. Kona LoVeS this chew! He has now had it for 24 hours and is still working on it, and carrying it with him wherever he goes. I’m glad he has this to chew on while I’m at work today, I think it will help distract him from his separation anxiety and keep him occupied.

5.      Beef Tendersticks – Crumps’ Naturals. Regular price: $8.00


These soft and chewy beef treats are perfect for picky pups. Made in the USA, there’s only one ingredient: cow. Kona love love loved these treats. They’re shaped like jerky treats but are more solid and crunchy than jerky treats. These are still soft enough to eat like a regular treat, they don’t last a long time. They break easily so instead of giving Kona a whole one, I’ve been breaking off pieces for him and using them like regular treats.



The items in this months box are worth a total of $38.00. This subscription is 24.00/month for me with the 3 month option. The month-to-month price for Bark Box is $29.00, so I think it makes sense to buy 3 months and save $15.00. BarkBox always has high quality toys and treats, and never disappoints me. In my opinion, BarkBox is the best option for a dog subscription if you are interested in a dog subscription that has equal amounts of toys and treats. (Other boxes focus on one or the other).

Use this link or use code “DEPICTION” at checkout for one month free with any subscription!

Also, for any Ebates users out there, they have a Bark Box First Box for $5.00 promotion that includes getting $7.50 back when purchased through Ebates using this link.

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your BarkBox membership, follow these simple steps-

Log into your BarkBox account.

Click on the “Subscriptions” on the bar at the top of the page.

Click on “All Subscriptions” (if you have more than one)

Click on “Edit” next to the subscription you want to cancel.

Scroll down the page and click the “Cancel Renewal” button.


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