Pet Gift Box (Cat) review August, 2016 + 50% off!

Pet Gift Box is a subscription service that sends a themed box every month of hand-selected treats and toys specifically created for cats or dogs. This review is for the CAT box!


The theme of this month’s box is “A Game of Cat and Mouse.”


The Goods

  1. MadCap Stand Up Mouse – Petstages. Regular price $5.99

This catnip toy is made of durable canvas and says “Why did the cat cross the road???” on the front, and “Because the chicken was on vacation” on the back. It’s a cute toy, and MouseCop loved it, he was hugging the toy and rubbing it all over him because he loves toys and catnip!

  1. Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy – Spot. Regular price: $23.99


The box also came with a set of two C batteries for this toy, which I thought was really thoughtful because otherwise I don’t have C batteries. Anyways, this toy is motion activated, and when the cat walks by a mouse starts spinning in circles on the inside and there is a light beam for added attraction as well as a scratching pad on top. This toy has everything, and MouseCop had a blast with it! He would sneak up on it and when it started going in circles he would pounce and grab it with his paw and even roll around with the entire toy on his belly as if it was a little mouse toy but it is huge haha! Very entertaining to watch and have in his path in the living room.


  1. Catnip Candy Mice – Companion. Regular price: $4.99


These mice are made with compressed catnip and have faux leather ears and tails. MouseCop was cracking us up with these mice!! He would hold them with his claws and rub them all over his face and then set it down and roll his back and body on it and was just trying to get the catnip to touch as many areas of his body he could hahaha. Me and my boyfriend were joking about how MouseCop was “Nippin’ so hard right now.”


  1. Super Kitty Boinks. Regular price: $4.99


“This clever flexible tube toy springs into action and makes cats go wild. When compressed, Super Kitty Boinks shoot up to 30 feet, providing cats with tons of exercise and excitement.” When I opened this I followed the instructions and compressed the boink lengthwise and let it go. It flew through the air and MouseCop ran over to it and was running around flinging it everywhere and eventually made his way down the stairs throwing and chasing it down. He had a blast!


  1. Feline Harvest Dental Treats. Regular price: $4.99


These treats are protein rich and made with real duck. They are made in the USA and help clean the kitty’s teeth. MouseCop loved these, which was the icing on the cake because he officially loved every single thing in this box, and is actually super picky when it comes to toys and treats so that just blew my mind!



The value of the items in this months box is $44.99. Pet Gift Box is $28.99/month for a month-to-month subscription, all the way down to $18.99/month for an annual subscription! This box is a good value as it is (month to month) but a huge value if paying yearly. This was an especially valuable box considering MouseCop actually loved every single thing inside, I couldn’t believe it! If you are a cat lover, spoil your cat with this box and he will love you forever, lol!

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Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, just go to “Account”, then “My Subscriptions”, “Details”(next to the subscription you wish to cancel), and click the red “Cancel” button. That’s it!


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