Darby Smart DIY Note-able Chalkboard Tote Review 2016

Darby Smart is a subscription box that delivers all the materials you’ll need for a new DIY craft every month!


This month the box came with supplies to make a DIY Note-able Chalkboard Tote.


Supplies: Multi-Surface Chalkboard Coating, Foam Brush, Canvas Tote, Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint, Bistro Chalk Marker, and Alphabet Stickers. My box did not include the foam brush, but it was OK because I have paint brushes.


To begin, I needed to think of an idea for my tote. I just got back from Acro Yoga Camp, (acro yoga is a partner yoga where one person holds the other in the air with their feet and/or hands and they do acrobatic-type poses), and since it was a 3 day camp, we slept in tents. Acro Yoga is really intense, so the whole weekend we would joke that “Acro Camp is In-Tents!!”. Since this experience was fresh in my mind, I thought it would be funny to make my tote say “Camping is In-Tents!” and use it as a camping tote.

  1. Stick It To Me!

Once I had an idea of the design, I began by ironing my tote. Then I used the sticky letters that came in the box to spell out my slogan on the tote.

  1. Fill’er Up

Before I began painting, I put a piece of cardboard in the bag so the paint wouldn’t leak to the other side. I also taped off a square area for smoother square lines.


  1. Color Me Mine!

I carefully painted around the letters first and gave it a few minutes to dry to keep the stickers firmly in place. Then I painted the rest of the area inside my square. I needed to let it dry for an hour before I continued, so I watched an episode of Big Brother and got back to it, lol.

  1. Coats McGotes!

Once the paint was completely dry, I removed all of the stickers. Next, I shook the bottle of chalkboard coating as hard as I could and began to coat the painted area. I used horizontal strokes to apply a generous coating of the chalkboard paint, and let it dry for an hour. Then I repeated the process, except this time I did a generous vertical coating of the chalkboard paint. Now I had to wait 24 hours for the coating to cure.


  1. Peel and Reveal!

When it had finally been 24 hours, I removed the square of tape and decorated the tote with my chalk bistro marker. To erase the chalk, I could just wipe it away with soap and water and write something new after it dried.

The Final Result



Darby Smart is $19.00 a month, and I think the value lies more so in the experience than the cost. To me, being able to take a break and create something for myself or someone I love every month is priceless. I’m going to stick to this one, so stay tuned for more awesome crafts on my blog!

Sign up for your Darby Smart DIY Box today and use code HOWDYDARBY for $10.00 off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

To end your membership, send an email to wink@darbysmart.com and let them know you’d like to cancel.


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