UrthBox review August, 2016 (+ $10.00 off)

UrthBox is a healthy subscription box that delivers non-GMO, organic and all natural snacks and/or beverages to your door every month. Choose between gluten-free, diet, classic, or vegan boxes and sizes ranging from 6 – 25 items/box.


This review is for the small snack box with 12+ snacks for $19.99.


The Goods

  1. Power Grains & Flax Chewy Granola Bar – Earnest Eats. Regular price: $1.20


This bar is 100% natural, vegan, wheat-free and soy free. The superfood grain blend of whole oats, amaranth, and quinoa provide slow-release energy along with the protein, fiber and phytonutrients. This bar makes the superfood grains the hero and adds nutritious and yummy almonds, sunflower seeds, and flax to create essential fuel for your day!

This bar had a light and sweet flavor that was super satisfying. It was more crunchy than soft, the almonds and seeds gave this a unique texture. I would definitely buy these if I saw them at my grocery store!

  1. Rosehip Birch Water – Säpp Regular price: $3.19


Säpp Rosehip Birch Water is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and paleo. It is an all natural, low calorie drink to enjoy on any occasion. It’s taste is lightly sweet, delicate in nature and enriched by silver birch trees. It has 80% less sugar than coconut water and is rich in manganese (five times the amount of a cup of kale), which helps prevent stress, supports daily metabolism and blood pressure. Sapp is inspired by simplicity. From sourcing to bottling, simplicity and sustainability are at the core of their offerings.

This drink reminded me of herbal tea and was slightly acidic, but sweet. It only has 10 calories and 3 grams of naturally occurring sugars, so this is a big plus in my opinion. Not to mention the impressive amount of manganese!

  1. Napolitaner Hazelnut Wafers – Loacker. Regular price: $1.99


Three light, crispy wafers and two layers of the smoothest Napolitaner cream filling with exquisite Italian hazelnuts make this classic napolitaner the absolute best-seller. The name Napolitaner comes from the fact that only nut varieties grown around Naples were originally used. Even today, Loacker exclusively uses Italian hazelnuts which are freshly roasted on-site at Loacker. It is this gentle Loacker roasting process that gives the hazelnuts and therefore the products their unique and distinctive flavour.

I’ve tasted a few wafer cookies in my day, and these are no DOUBT the most delightfully delicious wafers I’ve ever had! They’re so soft that they melt in your mouth, and the hazelnuts give it a sweet, nutella-y flavor that I loved. More, please!

  1. Cake Batter Cookie Thins – Miss Thinster’s. Regular price: $2.99


Thin, crispy, deliciously crunchy cookies made with Non-GMO ingredients. Never made with corn syrup or anything artificial and made in a nut free facility. These cookies were so light and unbelievably tasty! I’ve always loved cake batter ice cream, but never thought of what a cake batter cookie would taste like. This accurately captures the sweet flavor of cake batter and puts it in a crispy cookie package. The result is a delicious snack that I will totally buy if I see them shopping.

  1. Cinnamon Honey Oat Bar – Arrow Bar. Regular price: $2.50


This bar has it all! It’s all-natural ingredients make it a very healthy way to provide me with the energy I need to keep pushing when I’m feeling tired. It’s unique texture makes it easy to eat, so I don’t have to worry about feeling bloated during a work out. It also tastes great, which is hard to find in a bar that doesn’t have a ton of sugar. I recently started working out with a personal trainer and this bar is a perfect pre-workout snack, I need more…

  1. Big Slice Kettle Cooked Apples – Grandma Hoerner’s. Regular price: $2.50


Wow! Apples, raspberries, hibiscus and green coffee extract, so amazingly flavorful! This healthy snack is non-GMO, gluten free, corn syrup free, a great source of vitamin C and made with USA apples. The flavor of these apples caught me off guard at first, I must have made a funny face because my friend started cracking up when I took the first bite. It is a VERY strong flavor, and a bit sour… my face was from the unexpected taste, but once I got used to it the taste was better. These would be great with yogurt or on pancakes.

  1. Coconut Oatmeal Bliss Cookies – GinnyMinis. Regular price: $1.10


Classic oatmeal cookies with organic coconut for a tropical twist. Layered with gluten-free rolled oats, dark organic raisins and crispy walnuts, this cookie’s flavors build on your taste buds until only one word can describe the experience: bliss. Organic, Gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher, these cookies are a great guilt-free snack. These are SO amazing! Seriously, I finished the bag in less than 60 seconds… I couldn’t resist the sweet and crunchy goodness of these.

  1. Organic Gummy Worms – Black Forest. Regular price: $1.79


These soft and delicious gummies are made with colors from natural sources. They’re also fat free and come in a variety of great fruity flavors. Gluten and fat free, no artificial flavors and USDA organic. The flavors are Apple/cherry, Cherry/pineapple and  Orange/lemon. I enjoyed all of the flavors, and cherry/pineapple was my favorite. Sometimes gummy worms are annoyingly chewy and tough, but these were refreshingly soft and chewable.

  1. Splits – Unique Pretzel Bakery. Regular price: $2.34


Unique All Natural Pretzel Splits Original are made during their “Unique” process, they let the raw pretzel set to perfection. When ready, the pretzel is placed in the oven where it bursts open and bubbles up creating crispy hollow pockets and crunchy deep crevices that are full of flavor. Because of their all natural baking process, every pretzel raises differently making each “Split” Unique. “Splits” are not just another pretzel shaped cracker, they pack a serious crunch and are tantalizing to the palate of any pretzel lover. I really enjoyed the crunchiness and strong flavor of these awesome pretzels.

  1. All Natural Instant Beverage – Cafix. Regular price: $.20


This 100% caffeine free coffee substitute is made with all natural ingredients, with no cholesterol, low sodium and no trans fat. I’m trying to cut out coffee, and this is a great alternative and it really does taste like coffee. My boyfriend loved it too and he didn’t even realize it wasn’t coffee at first!

  1. Coconut Lime Snack Bar – Simply Chopped. Regular price: $2.60


Tropical bliss comes to mind with these amazing ingredients of pineapple, lime and orange. This bar is gluten free, kosher and organic. Simply Chopped utilizes the healthiest source ingredients available and implements artisan-based small-batch production for optimal freshness. I’ve concluded that this bar is the DEFINITION of soft and chewy! I’ve never bit in to something which such a uniquely soft and chewy texture in my entire life… I loved this because of that texture, although the flavor leaved something to be desired. I want to try the other flavors because if they’re all this soft and chewy, I’m sure I’d love them!

  1. Crispy Sea Salt Baked Crackers. Milton’s Craft Bakers. Regular price: $.75


These crispy crackers are non-GMO, gluten free, wheat free, kosher and vegetarian. They tasted like a cross between chips and crackers. They had just the right amount of salt and worked kind of like pepto bismol when I had an upset stomach. They’re pretty light on the calories and no fat. The website suggests eating these with different spreads on top, but I enjoyed them enough right out of the bag.

  1. Original Recipe Real Steak Jerky – Chef’s Cut. Regular price: $3.69


Chef’s Cut Jerky uses only hand cut, whole pieces of choice steak to create a jerky experience like no other. Their jerky is marinated in a special blend of high quality ingredients and is a nutritious snack option that is gluten free, high in protein and low in fat. There are two types of jerky lovers out there… people who love tough jerky and people who love tender jerky. I prefer my jerky tender, the easier to chew the better. This jerky is hands down the MOST tender, soft and delicious jerky I’ve ever tasted! And the flavor, oh, the flavor… a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, it was so delicious I actually plan to send this to relatives on their birthdays. Haha!

BONUS – Coupon for a free 5.5oz box of GinnyBakes cookies with the purchase of any three 5.5 oz boxes. I’m not going to grab 4 boxes of cookies at the grocery store just so I can get one of them free… so I won’t be using this.


BONUS – Truly Organic coupon for a free anti-aging sea kelp super face cream and $10.00 off with first order. I instinctively knew somehow this wouldn’t be a website I could just buy a $20 item and use this coupon, and I was right. Truly Organic is a subscription box where you have to get 4 items MINIMUM at a price of $38.95 MINIMUM, there is no way to order just one item. So with this coupon I could get 5 products for $28.95 (the 4 plus the free one plus the $10.00 off).



The total value of the snacks in this box (my estimate does not include the value of any coupons) is about $26.85. The small snack box is $19.99/mo if you buy 6 months at once, and $29.99 if you pay monthly. So it is a pretty good value if you do pay for 6 months at a time. It seems to me that snack and food boxes usually have the lowest price to value difference, probably because quality food doesn’t come cheap in bulk from China, LOL!

UrthBox is the only subscription box I can think of that the number of months you pay for at once determines whether you get a good value or not, because the price difference is so huge. So if you do love trying new healthy snacks and are interested in UrthBox, I highly suggest buying the 6 month option to get the most bang for your buck.

Interested in trying Urthbox?

Get $10 Off Any Variety and any Size UrthBox, including Vegan, Gluten Free and Diet Snack Box Options with this link!

Ease of Cancellation

You may cancel your subscription at anytime by sending UrthBox an email at support@urthbox.com. In order to cancel your subscription you must email your cancellation request before your next renewal billing charge (before the 1st of the month).


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