Peaches & Petals review July, 2016

Peaches and Petals is a subscription for women that delivers a box of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle items to your door every month!


The theme of this months box is “Dance to the Music”, and is full of goodies that are perfect to bring/wear to a music fest or concert.



The Goods

  1. Boombotix Boombot Mini Bluetooth Speaker. Regular price: $39.99 


“This little speaker packs a big punch! Small enough to take wherever you go so you can always dance to the music!”

This speaker is on sale for $15.99 on Groupon, if anyone is interested!


The speaker is light – 5 ounces – and the battery lasts about six hours on a one-hour charge. It is waterproof and clips on to your bag, belt loop or just about anywhere. The audio quality is good, crisp and clear sound that can get surprisingly loud. The bass isn’t amazing but that’s to be expected with the size. I’m definitely bringing this on my Acro Yoga Camping trip next week, it will be nice to have it for listening to music in the tent.

  1. Temporary Hair Color – Chroma Lights. Regular price: $11.33

This is a temporary hair color that you can spray on and is Metallic Teal colored. To use this, you hold it 3-5 inches away from your hair and spray the area you want in a back and forth motion. This temporary hair spray dyes your locks on impact and dries within just minutes of the application. Thus, this is a great alternative to wigs or extensions for those looking to have that metallic color without the commitment or damage to hair. This is an “As Seen On TV” product, just a fun fact lol. It did show up on my hair, which is more than I expected since my hair is so dark. It is not dramatic or anything, but it works.j


  1. The Chill Tube Cooling Towel – Cool Core. Regular price: $8.99


This is a re-useable (wet, wring & wave) towel that provides quick, long-lasting personal cooling. It reduces surface area temperature by up to 30%, remains soft after use, and can be reused over and over simply by re-wetting the towel . The unique fabric derives its cooling function from its construction. Comprised within a single layer, a multiplicity of fibers create a capillary system, wicking moisture away from the skin, circulating the moisture throughout the entire towel and regulating the rate of evaporation before releasing the water molecules into the atmosphere.

Following the instructions, I wet the towel with warm water, wrung it out, and shook it a little bit. To my surprise, it was already cool to the touch after just having been soaked with warm water! I draped it around my neck for a workout and it kept me cool the whole time. Warm moisture activates the cooling effect, so it really is nice to have when working out or sweating.

  1. Global Beauty Care – Green Tea Makeup Remover Wipes. Regular price: $1.99


I liked these! They were just slightly moist, I’m so used to the regular remover wipes that are much more wet that it caught me off guard. They do just as good a job as the rest of them, though. These have green tea extract and vitamins A, C,  and E. I love that it has ingredients that are good for your skin.


I’m going to go off on a side story real quick to explain why this matters to me. My favorite face wash was always Cetaphil. It kept my face clean and pimple free, and only had 8 ingredients and wasn’t harsh on my skin. Then I read an article about how the ingredients are a bunch of carcinogens and paragons, and none of them benefit skin whatsoever. Read here. So now when it comes to my face I check the ingredients and make sure they are beneficial to skin and natural. Long story short – I like that these wipes have healthy ingredients that are good for your skin and don’t just scrub off your makeup and that’s it.

  1. Flower Headband. Regular price: $.99


There was a time I would have worn this, but now that I am almost 30 years old I’d look pretty silly wearing this. Maybe, MAYBE at a music festival I might. Other than music fests I just work, exercise, and grocery shop and doing any of those activities in a flower crown would just look ridiculous haha.


  1. Engraved Song Lyric Bracelet. Regular price: ~$5.00


This can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace, and I love the color of blue it is. It reads, “DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’”. This is def a music fest accessory but can really be worn anywhere and look fine.  The material feels like leather and has a boho vibe when you see it. My life is boho, so…. Score!


The value of the items in this month’s box is approximately $68.29. Peaches & Petals is $19.99/month, so subscribing to this box is a huge value to me. This box is unique in that it always has high quality items and products that are affordable, but look expensive. It’s great for the trendy women on a budget.

Below are the codes available right now, sign up today using this link!


Ease of Cancellation

Simple! Just log into your “My account” page and you will see “Manage My Subscriptions” on the left. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click “cancel”. You’ll then be directed to a drop down menu of reasons. Once a reason is selected, a cancel button will appear.


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