BarkBox review July, 2016

BarkBox is a subscription service that delivers new dog toys and treats to your door every month!


This month was a summer Olympic theme!


The Goods

1. Dog Paddlin Dave – Bark & Co. Regular price: $10.00


Join this squeaky swimmer in the pool and make a splash! A Bark & Co Original, this lanky lapper’s entire torso is one big squeaker, while the arms are stitched full of cracklin’ crinkle.

The squeaker is really loud and the toy is pretty soft: so it has everything Kona likes in a toy. We have been having a lot of fun playing with this toy… as you can see, it is a hit!

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2. Bouncy Bone – Busy Buddy. Regular price: $7.00


Play with this Team USA Bouncy Bone solo, or load it up with treat rings and get a taste of victory. Attach chicken rings to either side of the rubber ball and get ready for a game of fetch that’ll test the limits of your pup’s athleticism.

Kona enjoys this on it’s own, he likes the texture of the bone for chewing, but he REALLY likes it with the treat rings! (See next)

3. Treat Rings – Busy Buddy. Regular price: $5.00


Great games require great rings, and these Team USA chicken rings are up to the occasion. Made in the USA with chicken and tapioca, you can combine them with the Bouncy Bone for fast-paced playtime. (See below.)


With the treat rings on the bouncy bone, Kona is in heaven! He occupied himself with this toy until the treats were gone, and chewed some more! They take him 10-15 minutes to eat off the bone, and then he will chew on it for another 5-10 minutes just to chew. Here is some pictures of him enjoying his treat chew toy!

4.  USA Salmon Snacks – Honest Love. Regular price: $6.00


Every pup is a waterdog when salmon’s on the line. These Team USA snacks are baked in the USA by the folks at Honest Love with sustainably-sourced salmon, whole vegetables, and zero grains.

Kona went crazy for these super soft bone-shaped treats! Once he tasted one he got a crazy look in his eyes and started really going for them, jumping at them and barking like “MORE, MORE!!!” haha. You know those kids at the grocery store that throw a dramatic fit for candy and the mom gives in, which is why they threw the fit in the first place (spoiled brats…)? Well, that is Kona for treats. He is a spoiled brat because he knows I will always give in lol.

5. Half Pig Ear – Sawmill Creek SmokeHouse. Regular price: $3.00


One chomp on this pig ear chew and your pup will be in hog heaven. Even picky pooches love munching on this tasty treat made in the USA by the folks at SawMill Creek.

Wow Kona really loved this, too! I’m so happy he loved every single item in this month’s box :). For this final treat, he sat on the couch and worked on it until he was finished. This took about 20 minutes. Maybe I will buy him some more pig ears to give him before I leave for work, to distract him from is separation anxiety for a little while.

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This months box came with a medal to put on your dogs collar to take a picture and upload with the hashtag #WORLDCHOMPIAN.




The items in this months box are worth a total of $31.00. This subscription is 24.00/month for me with the 3 month option. I’ve gotta say, with the value this month I’m glad I’m not paying the month-to-month price of $29.00 or I’d be pretty disappointed. BarkBox usually has a much greater value than the cost of the subscription, although this month was cutting it close lol. In my opinion, BarkBox is the best option for a dog subscription if you want equal amounts of toys and treats.

Use this link or use code “DEPICTION” at checkout for one month free with any subscription!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your BarkBox membership, follow these simple steps-

Log into your BarkBox account.

Click on the “Subscriptions” on the bar at the top of the page.

Click on “All Subscriptions” (if you have more than one)

Click on “Edit” next to the subscription you want to cancel.

Scroll down the page and click the “Cancel Renewal” button.


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