Freshly review July, 2016

Freshly is a meal delivery service that delivers meals made with fresh, all natural ingredients to your door every week.


The meals come cold and fresh surrounded in a cold pack.


So this is great for people with busy lifestyles or that have lunch at work and don’t like eating out every day.


All the meals are to be refrigerated, and when you are ready to eat them, just pierce the film and microwave for 2 minutes. Yes, every meal!


They have a large menu and you can order whatever you want, all 6 different or some dupes… Since me and my boyfriend split the box I got 2 double meals and the 5th and 6th different to avoid fighting over the best meals lol. He ate one meal without taking a picture, though so I will review 3 of the meals, the three I ate.

The Goods

  1. Garlic and Herb Shrimp.


“Shrimp is sautéed in heaps of garlic and fresh parsley, laid on a bed of vegetable ratatouille, then finished with a pinch of red pepper flakes for an added kick.”

Me and my boyfriend both loved this meal! The shrimp tasted perfect, which surprised me for being microwaved. For every single meal, the instructions are to pierce film, microwave for 2 minutes, and enjoy. I microwaved all my meals for 2 mins 30 sec because I like food very hot, but my boyfriend did all 2 minutes and it was cooked through and tasty. This meal was incredibly flavorful and fresh, with just the right amount of spicy!

2. Jamaican-Style Jerk Chicken with Mango Salsa & Cauliflower “Rice”.


“Grilled chicken, doused in jerk spice seasoning, is served with a side of sautéed cauliflower rice bursting with the vibrant flavors of smoked paprika and scallion. A touch of sweet mango salsa rounds out this dish and adds a light, fruity freshness.”

It’s funny this has cauliflower rice, something I’d never heard of until I had to make it with a SunBasket meal a few weeks ago and I LOVED it. So I was super excited to have it again. Again, it tasted great and complimented the chicken perfectly, too. The chicken was tender and cooked to perfection, no tough spots. The mango salsa was a great and flavorful topping for the chicken. A great sweet and salty dinner!

3. Citrus Salmon with Kimchi Style Bok Choy.


“Our sesame-encrusted baked salmon evokes all the fresh zest of tasty coastal market fare. We top it with a tangy citrus-ginger sauce and finish the plate by adding bok choy sautéed in garlic, chili flakes, and rice vinegar for a sharp, satisfying kick. ”

This meal was good. Not the best in the box, though. The salmon was cooked perfectly, but the sesame crust was pretty bland actually. It is a deceiving dish because it looks like it must be flavorful since you can’t even see the salmon under the seasoning but it’s literally just plain sesame seeds. The bok choy was pretty flavorful though and when I ate it all together it was a tasty dish.


Freshly is $69.00/week. I think this is a bit much, with the boxes that have fresh ingredients and recipes costing between 59-69. Six microwave meals from the grocery store, granted they’re not fresh, would be about $18.00. Also, 6 fast food lunches would be about $36. So Freshly is very expensive comparatively. If it was cheaper than going out to lunch at work I’d absolutely prefer these fresh, fast meals. I really wish I could afford to use this! (This box was free with a referral code like the one below).

Use fall50rad to receive 50% off your first week!

You can make all 6 meals different, which is awesome. Just be sure to skip the following two deliveries when you sign up, and then once your first box comes you can pause (cancel) subscription and won’t get charged again.

Ease of Cancellation

Go to Meal Planner – My subscription – Subscription Settings – Pause Subscription. That’s it!


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