Pet Treater Special Edition CAT Box review June, 2016

Pet Treater is a monthly subscription that normally delivers treats and toys for dogs each month to your door, but this review is for a special edition Cat Box.


This box had the same idea as the usual boxes, just this time the toys and treats were for our feline friends :).



The Goods

  1. Feline Dental Treats – Smart n’ Tasty. Regular price: $3.99


These are Ocean Fish flavored. They are grain, soy, dairy and gluten-free and all natural. Best of all, they promote clean teeth and fresh breath. These treats were Mouse Cop’s favorite of the bunch!


2. Scratch N’ Climb – Sport Pet Designs. Regular price: $23.00


This toy had easy to follow picture instructions, it took about 5 minutes to build. Mouse Cop enjoyed playing on this toy, he really loved the ball that hangs down from the middle! Here is a slideshow of him playing with his new toy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3.  Catnip Roll-on – Petstages. Regular price: $3.29

This is liquid catnip that you can “roll” on to any surface, and your cat should smell it and want to play. I rolled this on to Mouse Cop’s new scratch n’ play toy, and he did seem to be playful around it and rubbed his face on the area I applied it lol. This is a cool concept, and effective as well!

4. Top-Up Cat Toy with Catnip – Knight Pet. Regular price: $3.83


This is a soft mouse toy that is weighted so it sits upright at all times. Mouse Cop is very picky about toys, he pretty much only likes the light, teensy mice toys. He did give this one a shot and play with it for a little bit, though.

5. Calming Bathing Wipes – Simple Solution Cat. Regular price: $3.99


Since it’s not really necessary to bathe cats all that often, if at all, these are a great and practical alternative. With these, you can be confident your cat is clean even without baths. Mouse Cop is an exceptional groomer so I rarely bathe him and never actually need to. These wipes are nice to have on hand when he gets in to something or gets outside. Which happens more often than I’d like! Plus, they are calming… woohoo!

6. Chicken Cat Treats – Red Barn. Regular price: $3.79


These grain free treats have chicken as the main ingredient. Mouse Cop did not like these treats as much as the other ones in this box. He kind of ended up eating them, but more so as a last resort when the other ones were out of sight.

7.  Hometec Paw Print Litter Mat for Cats. Regular price: $9.99


I’m a huge fan of litter mats. Mouse cop is spoiled, he has 2 litter boxes with 2 HUGE litter mats all to himself! Suffice to say, he won’t need this under a litter box but there is no such thing as too many litter mats! So I will set this in front of the big mat on his way out. He likes wiping his paws on these mats after he goes potty too, which is great.


8. More Stuff on My Cat – Mario Garza. Regular price: $10.88


“This is a super-sized sequel from, the phenomenally successful Web site where millions of people from around the world post photographs of cats with unbelievably varied things on them. Bigger and better than the original, this witty follow-up has twice as many all-new photographs, commentary from contributors explaining how in the world they were able to stack 40 pillows on their feline, plus hilarious captions by the site’s creator.”

This is a really cute and funny book. A light, easy read. A perfect “toilet” book to keep in the bathroom. Yeah, I said it.



This special edition cat box was $19.99. The total value of the items in this box is $62.76! That’s a 300% value, I’ll take it! 🙂 This box had a lot of great toys and treats that Mouse Cop can use and enjoy. I’m really happy I got to be part of this special edition box, hopefully they’ll have more opportunities like this in the future!

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