Pet Treater review June, 2016

Pet Treater is a subscription box for dogs that delivers new toys and treats to your door every month!


The June theme is Unleashed! Footloose and Fancy Free.


The Goods

  1. Raccoon Hat Dog Toy – Multipet. Regular price: $6.99


This is a faux raccoon hat dog toy with a crinkle interior and a squeaker in the tail. This has fur and a squeaker so Kona LOVES it. I mean like obsessed… he’s carried it around since I opened the box and constantly squeaks it in my face all wiggly trying to get me to play with him. It’s so cute and funny. I’m getting a lot of exercise so it’s not all bad.  Oh and I get exercise because Kona’s idea of fetch is… I throw – He runs to catch it and runs around making me chase him until I catch him – and then tug of wars me for it and when I get it – he barks for me to throw it again. Haha.


2. Absorbent Pet Bowl Placemat – Dogs Unleashed. Regular price: $12.79


I have a pet bowl placemat obviously, but this one is Way more cute! It looks and feels thin but is deceivingly absorbent, which is a good thing. Kona seems to like it, or he just you know… has to eat to survive so doesn’t really have a choice haha.


3. TUFF Dog Toy – Happy Tails. Regular price: $6.00


Anyone who reads my blog can probably already guess that Kona didn’t fancy this toy. No fur? You call this a toy? Haha. I have a lot of friends with pooches though so I will donate this to a dog that will appreciate it!

4. Greek Yogurt and Apples Dog Treats – Whole Life. Regular price: $6.29


These dog treats are made in the USA with no artificial ingredients. The ingredients provide daily support of a healthy skin and coat with flax seed. Whole Life is the most transparent dog food and treats brand with all ingredients that anyone can read and understand. What’s better is Kona is crazy for these treats! Usually he isn’t crazy about “hard” treats, but he gobbles these up and I know him well and he freakin’ loves these. Score! Look at that happy face. 🙂


5.  Pet Backseat Car Cover – Cobble Creek. Regular Price: $8.98

This backseat car cover is great, it covers the entire seat and stays on securely, and also folds up quick and easy for when I’m not using it! Kona is the shedding King, and I can’t believe I haven’t thought to get one of these before, this will help a lot! Woohoo! Look at how big it is… I imagine it can fit any back seat!


6. Sweet Potato Fries – Red Barn. Regular price: $13.49


“Redbarn sweet potato dog treats are made with USA-grown, fresh sweet potatoes which are a superb source of vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are high in dietary fiber, contain impressive amounts of antioxidant beta-carotene and are rich in calcium for strong teeth and bones. ” Kona ate these treats, but I think he could take them or leave them. If your dog like soft treats I wouldn’t suggest these, they’re more like little bones that take a while to eat than quick treats.


7. Yoga Dogs Notebook – Unison. Regular price: $1.79


This spiral notebook is wide-ruled with 70 pages and preferated edges. It’s so cute! I hate to admit this but when I need paper to make lists or notes I use printer paper because it’s all we have and who thinks to buy stuff like… paper? Haha. So I’m happy to have “real” paper to write on, so adult-like of me.



The total value of the items in this month’s box is $56.33. The subscription is $24/month with the month to month subscription. This is the subscription option I pay for, but there are less expensive plans if you buy all at once. I think the value is great, I am staying subscribed to this one! Jammin’ Butter makes Pet Treater for pets, and Peaches and Petals for women, and both of these boxes have the highest value compared to the price of any similar boxes. So way to go, Jammin’ Butter!

Sign up for Pet Treater today!

Save $5 on your first box! Use coupon code LOVE-PT5

Get a free pet bed with your first box! Use coupon code PT-BED

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, just go to “My Account” and hit “Suspend”. If you can’t click “Suspend”, it means you have a pending shipment. Once the shipment goes through, you will be able to suspend your account.



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