Peaches & Petals review June, 2016

Peaches and Petals is a subscription for women that delivers a box of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle items to your door every month!


The theme of the June box is “Under the Boardwalk.”


The Goods

  1. Swimsuit Cover Up. Regular price: $22.50


Yay! This kimono is super lightweight and can be worn as a swimsuit cover up or over a tank top on a summer night! I will just use it for a cover up because it’s not really “normal clothes” look or material, it would look odd over clothes. I experimented with a few different ways to wear it. See below!

2. Foster Grant Sunglasses – Eye .D. Regular price: $9.99?

I had seen some other reviews of the June box before I opened mine, and the other reviews had really cute fashionable sunglasses. These ones that came in by box are not really cute nor fashionable haha. BUT they are for driving, they reduce back glare from the sun which is awesome! Now I don’t have to have my visor in my face anymore at least. I already put these in the sunglasses holder in my car and will definitely be using these this summer!

3. Beachy Beverage Companion. Regular price: $17.95


This is a 22oz acrylic double wall mason jar with lid and straw. The dual layers will keep your beverage cold in the summer and the design is perfect for Fourth of July festivities! I am constantly drinking lemonade and sweet tea in the summer, usually from a glass and I get bees all up in my grill and whatnot… This is great to have to keep my drinks cold AND safe from bugs!

4. Starfish Project Earrings. Regular price: $17.99


My heart broke reading the back of this package. It is a story of Nadia, an employee at Starfish Project. She tells a story of being sold by her family to sex traffickers at the age of 17 and not being able to escape for fear of being killed by her boss. After a year, she heard of Starfish Project and contacted them, they hired her immediately and now she has a new life at Starfish on the management team. She has learned that she is lovable and capable through counseling and is taking classes to be a counselor and help others like they helped her. That is so amazing… wow. I will give these to my mom I think, because my ears are not pierced (believe it or not).

5. Summer Ocean Waves Hair Spray – Alterna Stylist. Regular price: $4.25


This is a lightweight texturizing spray that gives you the sexy “just back from the beach” look. My hair is naturally very straight and is too long right now to stay wavy (weighed down), but I’m getting a shorter bob soon and I have a feeling this spray will give it the perfect loose, tousled look I’m aiming for.

6. Fruit Beauty Bag – NPWGifts. Regular price: $4.75


This makeup bag has a tropical fruity design and a padded pouch. It is made with neoprene so it wipes clean easily (a huge benefit for a messy makeup bag). I like this, it’s super cute. Even though I have makeup bags galore from ipsy, it is nice to have a large makeup bag that can fit all my makeup in one place for vacation packing and whatnot.


The items in this months box are worth about $77.50! Peaches & Petals is $19.99/month for a month-by-month subscription. This is such a great value, I can tell you if you wish you could afford a POPSUGAR Must Have subscription, Peaches & Petals is very VERY similar content-wise and less than half the price! And SUCH an awesome value! This box is killin’ it!

Below are the codes available right now, sign up today using this link!


Ease of Cancellation

Simple! Just log into your “My account” page and you will see “Manage My Subscriptions” on the left. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click “cancel”. You’ll then be directed to a drop down menu of reasons. Once a reason is selected, a cancel button will appear.



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