GLOSSYBOX review Two-For-One Box

GLOSSYBOX is a subscription box that delivers 5 travel size makeup, hair, and skin care products to your door every month!


This is a review of their two boxes for the price of one promotion.

BOX #1

The Goods

1.      Pomegranate Crush Illuminating Sheet Mask – BioRepublic Skincare. Regular price: $5.99


This face mask is made with ½ a bottle of skin revitalizing serum. It is a moist folded up sheet that when unfolded, looks like a mask lol. It has holes for eyes, nose, and mouth. I enjoyed this because it creeped my boyfriend out, I just stared at him while I wore it… After about 15 mins the mask was dry so I tapped the excess product on to my skin and removed the mask. My skin felt smooth and soft, I would like to try this again some time. Best of all, this was paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free and made with 100% natural fibers.

  1. ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser – GlamGlow. Regular price: $5.55


This cleanser transforms from “mud” into a moisture-rich foaming lather to cleanse skin while hydrating as well. I LOVE this face wash! I am a fan of mud products/masks in general and this was no exception. It easily removed all of my makeup (including my mascara), there was actually no rings around my eyes after my shower like there usually is from my eye makeup not getting totally removed, just smeared. This cleansed my face completely and left it feeling soft and moisturized. I’m buying a full sized bottle for myself!

  1. POREfessional Face Primer – Benefit Cosmetics. Regular price: $4.00


I put some of the balm on the box near the lady’s skirt /\

This primer minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines to help makeup stay put. It can be worn under makeup for a smooth canvas or throughout day to minimize shine. In my opinion, this dried out my skin immediately on contact and felt grainy and gross. It literally completely dried out my poor skin in 2 seconds I had to hurry to cover it up with moisturizer because my skin felt tight like it was just gross. And I put this on OVER moisturizer like the instructions said and it didn’t help. I guess if you have seriously greasy skin or shine problems this would defiantly solve that for you, but I have normal skin so this was bad for me.

  1. Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll-on – Etre Belle. Regular price: $24.95

This skin caviar is combined with Pullan, a highly effective skin-firming ingredient that instantly smoothes, relaxes, and refreshes tired skin around the eyes. This gel feels cool and refreshing when I applied it around my eyes, and was really hydrating. It does help diminish the tired look. GLOSSYBOX has this listed at $45.00, but the product website clearly sells it full size for euro $19.95 (about $22 US). I used the price Etre Belle sells it for on Amazon USD.

  1. Oasis Gem Lipstick in Heat Wave Ruby – Teeez Trend Cosmetics. Regular price: $22.00

This lipstick is highly pigmented with a matte finish. In my picture that is from just one stroke, it goes on very dark. The darkest I go lip-wise is coral, so I will pass this on to one of my red lipped friends. It is really nice and I can tell it is a very high quality lipstick, with instant color and high-precision for defined lips.


This box has a value of about $62.49, which is great for a $21.00/month subscription. It is unfortunate my skin does not react to the POREfessional well and that the lipstick is too dark, but the other 3 products I like and will use. This box is a great value regardless.

BOX #2

The Goods

  1. T’ai Chi Shower Foam – Rituals Cosmetics. Regular price: $3.60

This shower gel is awesome! I accidentally shot it out onto the table so I used that for my picture lol. To my surprise, when I gathered it and started rubbing it around to see this supposed foam action,  like magic it was a rich and foamy lather. The moisturizing lather was super soft and smooth, it felt a lot like shave gel/foam. This has a White Lotus scent and the nourishing properties of Yi Yi Ren, an ingredient traditionally used in Chinese medicine.


  1. Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner – Versaspa. Regular price: $8.75

For the second picture I used this on my arm and THEN put the pile there to show what it looks like and also how it looks blended in.

Versaspa moisturizing gradual tanning lotion uses a unique blend of green and brown marine algae to moisturize, oxygenate, and detoxify skin for a beautiful tan. It immediately restores skin to a silky and renewed feel while developing a glow. As well as creating a tan and hydrating, it is supposed to blur fine lines. The white color of this lotion made me skeptical, and when I used it I did not notice a difference in my skin tone. I don’t know if it was just so subtle I couldn’t see it or maybe expected not to see it because the color and therefore I didn’t, but either way I didn’t notice a change. I’ve been using it every day though and my skin has held its color from going tanning a week ago so that’s good!

  1. System 3 Cleanser & Conditioner – Nioxin. Regular price: $9.99


Nioxin System 3 Cleanser has botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and purifying agents to help clean away follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residues from the scalp, leaving it clean and refreshed. BioAMP, cystine amino acids, and lightweight conditioning and treatment ingredients help provide thicker looking hair by increasing the fullness of each strand and preventing against breakage and hair loss. Glyco-Shield for chemically-treated hair and scalp with white tea extract, humectants, peppermint oil, and protective conditioning agents that deliver a dual shield technology to help provide protection and moisture balance to color-treated hair, while leaving the scalp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. (Wow that was a crazy sentence!)

I used this shampoo and conditioner and I am on day 3 of no wash since. My hair is still not greasy and looks fine. My hair is also still bouncy and full, never before has my hair not gone completely flat after a few days of no washes. This shampoo and conditioner really impressed me, I’ll have to buy more when I run out!

  1. Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara – Benefit Cosmetics. Regular price: $7.74


This mascara’s patent-pending Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush features tiny custom-designed hooks to catch, lift, and curl even short and straight lashes. Roller Lash not only lifts and super-curls, but this instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours, is easy to remove, and contains provitamin B5 and serine, known for their lash-conditioning benefits.


To use this, I followed the instructions to start at bottom of lashes with wand pointing down, and slowly rotated the tip inward and up as I wiggled my way towards the top of my lashes. This mascara is really impressive! It not only added considerable length and volume to my lashes, but kept them defined and separated with no clumps.

  1. Photo-Hydra Day – Talika. Regular price: $29.00


Photo Hydra Day infuses light energy to the cells and promotes steady hydration of the skin throughout the day featuring Hydra Photo Beauty, an amino-acid that recreates the beneficial effects of natural light on skin cells activity. Photo Hydra Day boosts intra-cellular hydration, optimizes extra-cellular hydration and supports the rejuvenation of the skin. It uses Lipopeptides to soothe the skin while Hyaluronic Acid plumps the skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful, bright appearance.

This lotion is white/translucent and has a gel-based consistency. My skin has been flaky and dry from tanning lately, and this freaking stuff instantly repairs and smoothes my skin leaving it soft and moisturized. Actually when I used the POREfessional and my already-dry skin got instantly worse, thank god I had this stuff to save the day and bring my skin back to normal! It’s amazing!!


The products in this box are worth about $59.08. For a $21.00/month subscription, that is a pretty great value. The best part is, I like EVERY product in this box and will use them all until they’re gone! Yay!

That brings the grand total for both boxes to $121.57! I got them both for $21.00 with the 2-for-1 discount, so I basically saved $100.00!  Wow, that’s amazing. I was just going to try this out and stick to my cheaper $10.00 beauty boxes, but this is such a great value I’d be crazy not to stay subscribed. Woohoo!

Try GLOSSYBOX today and use code GLOSSYJUNE for 15% off!

Ease of Cancellation

GLOSSYBOX can be cancelled by the 14th of the month prior (e.g. you must cancel by February 14th if you want to cancel your March charge/box).

To cancel a current subscription –

Simply log in to your GLOSSYBOX account

On the left hand side of the dashboard, click on “Recurring Profiles and Orders”

Then click on the text describing your applicable subscription plan (ie, “6-Month Plan”)

Underneath the “Profile Schedule”, click on the gray box that states “Cancel Subscription”

That’s it!


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