Try the World review May, 2016

Try The World is a subscription box that delivers a variety of foods from a different country, every two months.


This month’s theme was Sweden.


The Goods

  1. Rosehip Nordic Fudge – Krav. Regular price: $5.00


This fudge is made by hand with wild berries and rosehips (the fruit of the hearty rosebush) that are harvested from forests in the north. This goes great with a Swedish fika coffee break. This is the first time I’ve had fudge that was not chocolatey, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It was a really strange flavor, probably because it was my first time tasting rosehip and I was expecting chocolate, lol.

2. Double Chocolate Crisps – Gille. Regular price: $6.00


These oat cookies are sandwiched together with a thin layer of chocolate, making them the perfect addition to the traditional Swedish coffee break known as fika. I loved these so much! They’re crispy and flaky oat cookies with a layer of delicious Swedish chocolate in the middle and sprinkled on the outside. They did taste great with coffee, too!

3. Lofbergs – Kharisma Ground Coffee. Regular price: $1.30


The fika coffee break is one of the most recognizable Swedish traditions. True to this cultural heritage, Löfbergs has been harvesting and roasting their coffee blends through sustainable methods since their founding in 1906. This blend is the strongest that Löfbergs makes—a perfect blend for the coffee-obsessed. This coffee is very dark and had some fruity and nutty hints. Not bad, but I prefer light roasts.

4. Sweet & Hot Honey Mustard – Liss Ellas. Regular price: $8.00

Liss Ellas makes their incredible mustards using organic, domestically-grown seeds, local honey, and premium seasonings. This recipe is inspired by the creator’s grandmother and has won over 16 awards within the past seven years! This tastes amazing! The mustard taste is very subtle, and it is more sweet than hot.

5. Fladerbloms Saft Elderflower Syrup – Krav. Regular price: $7.50


Saft is a refreshing syrup that’s typically mixed with water. This one is made from organic elderflowers grown on a farm that practices crop rotation, a farming technique that replenishes nutrients in the soil. Mix it with water, seltzer, lemon juice, or a cocktail to make a refreshing summer drink! I tried a bit of this syrup in water, and it had a sweet, floral, refreshing taste. Not bad.

6. Sweet Licorice – Lakritsfabriken Ramlosa. Regular price: $2.89


Most liquorice contains hydrogenated fats, gelatine and refined sugar to get the “right” taste and texture. This liquorice is different and unique. The original recipe contains as natural ingredients as possible and it is based on rice flour instead of wheat flour to make it suitable for gluten intolerant people. This licorice is gluten free as well. I have never liked the taste of licorice, so I donated this to my grandmother. 🙂

7. Swedish Gourmet Organic Flatbread Crisps – Morsjo Deli. Regular price: $6.00


For thousands of years, women baked flatbread made of barley, the only grain that grew in Sweden. To revive stale bread, they brushed it with oil and baked it again. Mörsjö Deli keeps this heritage alive by following similar methods of production. I tried these crisps with some of the Lingonberry Jam on top, and it was pretty good. Very crispy texture and surprisingly flavorful.


8. Lingonberry Jam – Hafi. Regular price: $6.00


Lingonberry jam, which is made with a fruit very similar to cranberries, is an essential addition to a variety of Swedish dishes, such as meatballs and potato dumplings. Since their founding in 1938, Hafi continues to make their delicious, slightly tart jam with lingonberries that are picked in wild, eco-certified forests. This jam was more tart than sweet, and did taste similar to cranberries. I enjoyed it on the Flatbread Crisps.


The Try The World subscription box costs $39.00 every two months. I came up with a total value of $42.69 for the items in this months box. I’d say $39.00 seems fair for the experience of trying so many new foods from another country, that you probably never would have tasted otherwise.

Sign up for Try the World today and get $15.00 off your first box using this link!

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, Just go to Account>Manage Subscriptions>Cancel Subscription. When I went to cancel, they offered me my next box for 50% off to stay, so obviously I did! I like this subscription, easy to use and considerate to the customers.


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