Pet Treater review May, 2016

Pet Treater is a subscription box for dogs that delivers new toys and treats to your door every month!


This month’s theme was Doggy De Mayo!


The Goods

  1. Exclusively Dog Taco Flavored Jerkeez Treats. Regular price: $4.59


These chewy treats are easy to break apart to control how much you give your dog, and are made with natural chicken. They have no added sugars, corn, wheat, or soy. These treats are made in the USA.

Kona absolutely loved these treats! Here he is playing dead for one (dead with eyes open lol).


2. Crinkly Plush Elephant Dog Toy – ASPCA. Regular price: $8.00


This is the most adorable toy I’ve ever seen! It reminds me of one of those toys a child keeps with them their entire childhood lol because it’s so soft, cute, and the purple looks faded which makes it look older. Kona immediately loved this toy and he’s had it with him since I opened the box a few days ago. Maybe that’s why I think of it that way as well. The ears and tail make a crinkle noise, there is a squeaker in the neck, and its fur is velvety soft. The stuffing is really light, even though it is large it is so soft I can ball the entire body in my fist.

Here’s Kona playing with/hugging his new favorite toy!


3. Let’s Fiesta Then Siesta Bandana. Regular price: $5.99


This bandana is pretty cute, but it is a little big for Kona. My mom has a white golden retriever that I think I’ll donate this to, it will fit him a lot better. Luckily Kona got a smaller bandana that fits in our Pet Gift Box, so he won’t be bandana-less this month lol!

I let him try it out for a picture though, here he is looking’ fly!


4. Silver Tails Hand Held Dog and Cat Massager. Regular price: $9.99


This massager can be used to relieve muscle soreness and promote healthy circulation in dogs or cats. It has a telescoping cradle that fits almost any hand. It’s really cool how it fits in my hand:

Kona is a spaz and doesn’t like me rubbing him with anything weird, but my cat LOVES this!!! He is a Bengal and Bengals generally are not cuddly lap cats, but as soon as I started rubbing him he flopped down on his back so I’d rub his belly with it and just laid there purring, it was the cutest thing! It’s funny no matter what he is doing, the second I start petting him with this he just falls over right where he’s at and stretches out to get massaged. 🙂

File_000 (1)

5. Fido Fiesta No Guilt Treats – Your Pet Chef. Regular price: $5.25


Your Pet Chef makes customizable dog treats using just fruits, vegetables, and meat that is dehydrated and turned in to treats. I was really impressed by the ingredients of this fiesta treat. The red ones have just chicken, beets, and apple; the green ones have chicken, spinach, and peas; and the white ones are chicken, turnip, and banana! They’re gluten and grain free, with natural and locally grown fresh ingredients and raw meat. It’s true- I really do have no guilt feeding these to Kona! This is his serious business face…


6. Boots & Barkley Woven Rope Toy. Regular price: $7.30


I like how thick this rope toy is, it’s almost a ball shape. Unfortunately, Kona is not a fan of toys that don’t squeak and/or have fur. I will donate this to a friend’s dog though, so it won’t go to waste!

7. Silicone Duck Pot Holder – Ganz. Regular price: $6.50


Kona’s paws will be safe when he’s cooking now… Just joking haha! This is for the pets human, I like that this box always includes a little something for the owner, too. This is the only pet subscription box that does this, and the contents are worth so much with or without this extra item that I don’t feel it takes away from Kona’s gifts at all. And hey, I can never have too many pot holders!

8. Pawsitively Gourmet – Taco Cookie Dog Treat. Regular price: $2.25


This dog treat is VERY hard. Kona is so picky about treats, he only eats soft treats or hard treats if I break them in to tiny pieces. When I gave him this he looked confused once it was in his mouth and he set it down and tilted his head and pawed at it lol. I broke it in to pieces (which wasn’t easy, this thing is crazy hard!) and he eventually ate them. Not his favorite treat though, that’s for sure. This picture is before he realized it wasn’t a soft tasty treat, he is doing the lay down trick. Sometimes when he does tricks he likes to look away because he thinks that seeming disinterested makes me more likely to give it to him?? He’s so strange hahaha.


This box also came with a $35.00 off first HelloFresh box code. I’ve already gotten a first HelloFresh box, so if you’d like to use my code, have at it!



The value I came up with for the items in this months box is almost $50.00! The subscription is $24/mo with the month to month subscription. This is the subscription option I pay for, but there are less expensive plans if you buy all at once. I think the value is great, I am staying subscribed to this one! Jammin’ Butter makes Pet Treater for pets, and Peaches and Petals for women, and both of these boxes have the highest value compared to price of any similar boxes. So way to go, Jammin’ Butter!

Sign up for Pet Treater today!

Save $5 on your first box! Use coupon code LOVE-PT5

Get a free pet bed with your first box! Use coupon code PT-BED

For a limited time, add a special addition CAT box to your order for just $19.99! ($49.00 value). Use this link.

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, just go to “My Account” and hit “Suspend”. If you can’t click “Suspend”, it means you have a pending shipment. Once the shipment goes through, you will be able to suspend your account.



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