Pet Gift Box review May, 2016 (+ 50% off First Box!)

Pet Gift Box is a subscription service that sends a themed box every month of hand-selected treats and toys specifically created for cats or dogs. This review is for the dog box.


This months theme was Basic Training, and was full of military and U.S. Army related dog gifts!


The Goods

  1. New Recruit Crinkle Toy – Bow Wow Pet. Regular price: $7.99


This toy has a squeaker and makes a crinkle noise as well. The arms and legs stretch and Kona absolutely loves this toy! He immediately crouched down his front paws and shook his butt in the air when I pulled it out! Then he caught it, brought it back, and ran marathon circles around my feet until I threw it again. It was so cute! We have a winner 🙂


That’s his hyper pose!

2. U.S. Army Knotted Rope Toy – Bow Wow Pet. Regular price: $5.99



This is a great quality toy, but unfortunately Kona does not like rope toys. I will donate this to a friend with a dog!

3. Troop Treats. Regular price: $8.99


These treats are made special for Pet Gift Box and are made in the U.S.A. They are chicken flavored and shaped like little green army men, how cute! They are hard AND chewy, if that makes sense. Kona seems to like them. Look at him laying down like a good boyy!


4. Camo Eagle for Dogs – Bow Wow Pet. Regular price: $9.99


This is a really nice and sturdy toy. It squeaks, so Kona likes it. He defiantly does not show as much interest in this toy as the crinkle dog, so I may end up donating this one as well. I really need to start shrinking this toy mountain Kona has in my living room!

5. Military Fatigues Bandana. Regular price: $5.99


This might not be Kona’s favorite item in the box, but it is defiantly mine!!! Look at how handsome he is! AWWWW :):):)



The items in this months box are worth about $39.00. Pet Gift Box is $28.00/mo if you pay monthly, down to $18.99/mo for an annual subscription! I think it’s a pretty good value, especially if you pay annually. This month there was a few things Kona won’t use so it’s not quite as good, but usually he does like everything in these boxes so I’m not worried about it. If you are more interested in subscribing to a dog box for toys than treats, this is the box for you!!

Get your first box for 50% off using this link!

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, just go to “Account”, then “My Subscriptions”, “Details”(next to the subscription you wish to cancel), and click the red “Cancel” button. That’s it!


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