NatureBox review May, 2016 (+ FREE BOX coupon!)

NatureBox is a monthly snack subscription that delivers 5 full size bags of treats to your door every month!


All their snacks are less than 200 calories and made with all natural ingredients, with no MSG’s or high fructose corn syrup.


The Goods

  1. Peanut Butter Nom Noms. Regular price: $3.99


Peanut butter nom noms taste like peanut butter oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. They have a soft, chewy texture and taste great! These scrumptious little bites are made with peanut butter, oats, almonds, and chocolate. The name “nom nom” is appropriate because as I scarfed them down one by one I laughed to myself as I thought.. “nom nom nom nom….”.

  1. Sweet Blueberry Almonds. Regular price: $4.79


These delicious roasted almonds are made with all natural fruit extracts for their sweet and tart flavor. Nothing artificial or chemical, these are 100% non-GMO and vegan. I like that they came as four serving size packages, because one is just enough and the rest stays fresh in the sealed packages. I love love Loved the flavor of these, they are the perfect snack for a summer day!

  1. Mini Belgium Waffles. Regular price: $4.29


NatureBox wanted to take a European-style Belgian waffle and turn it into a cookie. And they did an awesome job! These are the #1 most selected snack and sell like hotcakes, lol.  Buttery, crunchy, and just simply delicious. These non-GMO cookies are perfect for a late night snack, (sweet, but not TOO sweet) and won’t make you feel guilty afterwards.

  1. Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles. Regular Price: $4.29


Part Belgian waffle, part cookie, and all chocolatey goodness. Based on  the Mini Belgian Waffle, this Cocoa version is just as buttery, crunchy, and guilt-free. I Can’t decide which I like more, these or the regular waffle cookes. They both are really yummy, sweet, and crunchy. Hmm…

  1. Whole Wheat Strawberry Figgy Bars. Regular price: $4.79


These are a twist on the traditional Fig Bar. These bars are made with strawberry and fig paste wrapped in whole wheat, and are vegan and non-gmo. I actually think these were my least favorite of the bunch, just because the crust was so thick, it’s almost all I could taste. I really was looking forward to the strawberry flavor, but it’s so faint I hardly notice it’s there. Nonetheless, these still taste OK and I will finish the bag, but I wouldn’t order them again.

This box also came with a coupon for a free bag of NatureBox snacks at Target, and a $35 HelloFresh gift card. I’ve already had a first box of HelloFresh, so if anyone would like to use my code, go ahead! 🙂




NatureBox is $19.95 per month if you are paying monthly, and I came up with a value of about $22.15 for the items in this month’s box. This is about average for food subscriptions; the actual value is usually a lot closer to the box cost than with beauty or lifestyle boxes.  So all in all, if you do love all the snacks NatureBox has to offer, this box could be of value to you. I personally prefer to just buy healthy snacks at the store, that I know I’ll enjoy since I’m not saving much money using the subscription anyways.

FREE BOX – NatureBox has the best snacks in the world. Use this link and get your first box free!!

Ease of Cancellation

Sign in to NatureBox and on the bottom right it says, “Need Help? Click Here to Chat!” Just start a chat, and let them know you wish to cancel. Pretty easy.


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