POPSUGAR Must Have Box review May, 2016 (+ $5 OFF)

The POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers full-sized surprises in beauty, home, fashion, and more valued at over $100 for only $39.95 per month.


This months box was focused on fitness, relaxation, health, hydration, yoga, and deep breaths!


The Goods

1.  Capri Bracelets – Bluma Project (Set of 2). Regular price: $44.00

Bluma Project is a Brooklyn based jewelry and accessory company that uses globally inspired designs with a modern twist for their ideas. They have each piece handmade by artisans in developing countries.  I don’t like how their story comes across as, “We don’t have to pay our artists nearly as much as we would have to in the U.S.A., because our workers are from developing countries.” It sounds like they’re using this to sound good but there is something more sinister going on, you know? Because why wouldn’t some of the proceeds go to help people in said developing countries if this were a noble cause…. but I’m a conspiracy theorist sometimes so it’s probably innocent sunshine and rainbows. This bracelet is made with glass and 24 carat gold beads made in Guatemala.

2. Foot Therapy – Kocostar. Regular price: $10.00

These go on your feet for a 90 minute spa therapy at home. They’re formulated to dissolve away rough, dead skin and have 33 botanical essences to soothe the exfoliated skin and hydrate the renewed skin. These felt so nice on! They were nice and cool on my feet and super moisturizing, I actually am wearing them now as I review this, because I have to keep them on for 1.5 hours lol! I can already tell you my feet are going to be as soft as a baby’s bottom when they come off, though!

3. Spongology Body Buffer – Spongelle. Regular price: $20.00


Spongologys eco-friendly Body Wash Infused Body Buffer is especially designed to exfoliate, massage and help stimulate circulation. Infused with a skin softening sulfate free formula & organic extracts, this buffer will cleanse, tone and smooth the skin. This buffer is not too harsh at all and has a light and pleasant smell. I love these body wash filled buffers and charcoal sponges, I’ve been on a skin cleansing kick lately so this is a welcome addition to my routine! Well obviously I’ve always cleansed my skin but I mean lately I’ve been trying new “fancier” cleansers, not just bars of soap lol.

4. Foldable Yoga Mat – Gaiam. Regular price: $24.95


Ultra lightweight and highly compact, this 2mm Foldable Yoga Mat folds flat and easily fits in your carry-on or tote bag. With a sticky texture and compatibility, you’ll be able to embrace any pose without falling on your face! Here’s a close-up for an idea of the texture and quality.


I’m actually going to an Acro Yoga Camp at the end of August… Acro Yoga is when you have a friend and do poses together where one person holds the other in the air with their legs, arms, or both or even just have the other person on their back, I can’t explain it well just google it lol. It’s going to be a lot of fun because me and my friend are both unusually strong for being girls, so we know we will have no problem doing the tough stuff. BUT neither of us actually does yoga regularly so I needed to get a mat before then, and now I have one! One less thing to worry about . Plus, it’s by Gaiam so you know it’s good! I was surprised at how long this was, I can lay down on it and not be hanging off on top OR bottom, here is a picture with my dog on it for size reference.


5. Breathe Deeply Spray – Happy Spritz. Regular price: $25.00


This is an aromatherapy mix of pure essential oils, peppermint and eucalyptus. It is perfect for travel (3.4 oz TSA approved!), relief from seasonal allergies and colds, and as a pick-me-up when you need to stay alert. I’m glad I checked out the information on this because if I didn’t, right after I smelled it I would have sprayed it in my mouth haha! It smells like breath spray and is called “Breathe Deeply” so you can’t really blame me. I sprayed mine on and around my body for an extra wake-me-up in the shower this morning.
6. Peanut Butter Clutter Bar – Jimmybar! Regular price: $2.49


This bar is gluten-free, dairy-free, and natural. It is made using real, honest food, no white sugar or preservatives. Loaded with ample protein and made from Peanuts, Dates, Almonds, Peanut Butter, Honey & Crisp Brown Rice, it’s perfect for a mid-day snack, meal replacement, or a pre-workout boost. It tastes amazing (not too sweet) and has a nice crunch.
7. Volume Length Magnified Mascara – Revlon. Regular price: $9.00

Really quick – this is $9 at ULTA but they sell this exact mascara at WalMart for $5.97, which is where I’ll be buying it if I decide to buy more. Revlon’s Volume + Length Magnified Mascara has a high shine black fiber formula that provides amplified volume and length. This mascara also includes the Revlon Magnifying Lash Brush. This mascara features a square brush designed to anchor formula to lashes for intense volume + length.


I like this mascara because it is buildable, non-clumping, and defines and seperates my lashes AS WELL as adds volume and length. Usually volume mascara clumps but this mascara is perfect. It does everything I could ever want in a mascara, without any of the usual cons involved. Wow, I’m glad I got to try this because I normally wouldn’t venture out of the high-end, $20 and up mascaras, but it’s nice to know there is drugstore mascaras that work just as well – if not better!

8. Black Raspberry Caffeine Kick Water – Hint. Regular price: $1.69


Hint is pure wholesome water with nothing but natural fruit and essences. It has zero diet sweeteners (such as stevia), zero calories, zero preservatives, and is vegan, all natural, and GMO-free. This is great for anyone that doesn’t like the taste of plain water but values their health, anyone trying to give up soda or diet soda, anyone pregnant or nursing, anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes, or anyone who has had gastrointestinal issues or gastic bypass/weight loss surgery. WOW run on sentence like a MO-FO sorry!! This reminds me of Propel Black Cherry without the sweetness. It is fruit flavored water if you can imagine fruit that somehow is not sweet lol.


I like that it has 60mg caffeine, so I get the same caffeine buzz from this as I would from a shot of espresso, but without all the calories and chemicals. Zing!

BONUS – This box also came with a $10.00 gift card toward the purchase of a quality-crafted gift for you or someone you love from Half Hitch Goods. Where you can buy a wooden spoon for $46.00, wow! I’m not in a position to be buying stuff like this right now, so if anyone would like


The items in this months box are worth $137.13 total. This box is everything I love… health, wellness, yoga, etc… The POPSUGAR Must Have Box officially redeemed itself after last months box that had a lot of stuff I didn’t really need or would use. I’m glad that was just a one time thing, because this box is usually consistently my favorite monthly subscription! Yay for Must Have!! I’ll spend $40 for over $100 worth of stuff any day 🙂

Use this link and the code “MAY5” for $5.00 off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

Just go to “Account”>”Subscriptions”>”Cancel this Subscription”. Piece of cake!


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