Birchbox review May, 2016

Birchbox is a subscription box that delivers five beauty samples tailored to your skin, hair, and style every month.


They have a beauty profile for you to fill out on their site, and choose products for you specifically  based off your answers.


The Goods

  1. Protect and Detangle Spray – Beauty Protector. Regular price: $5.90


This vegan leave-in conditioner is paraben and sulfate-free and non-greasy. It seals the cuticles of each strand to minimize frizz and maximize shine. My hair doesn’t tangle, so I can’t comment on the detangling aspect of this, but my hair was extra soft and smooth after blow drying. I blow dry and straighten my hair after every shower, so it’s really important for me to use a protector. This protects AND keeps my hair smooth and shiny. Win-win!

2. Blush and Bronzer Duo – Cargo. Regular price: $3.50


This is nice blush and bronzer, but both are a little light for my preference. I actually got this exact duo in my Lip Monthly box from February, so now I have TWO that I may or may not ever use lol. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

3. Daydream SPF 30 Mineral Makeup Primer – COOLA. Regular price: $2.65


This sample is only 3 mL, I wish it was more because I need primer! This top of the line primer has a texture that offers a photo-reflective appearance to blur fine lines, even out skin tone, and minimize pores. This creates a smooth finish when used alone, or for a flawless makeup application. I’ll be using every last drop of this!

4. Mineral Moisture Defense SPF 50 for Body – MDSolarSciences. Regular price: $2.45


This lightweight body SPF uses ceramides and humectants to restore skins natural moisture barrier. Wow, .25 oz sample for my entire body, I’ll get to use this like one time! If my whole body is ever going to be exposed to sunlight though, I won’t be using sunscreen anyways. Especially not SPF 50… I like to get tan!

5. Crema De Mano Hand Cream, Bianca – TOCCA. Regular price: $5.00


This green tea and lemon hand cream is loaded with natural oils and absorbs in a flash. It is super smooth and creamy, and feels really nice. It is paraben free and enriched with natural extracts of coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe. I love the light but pleasant smell of this, too!


To get the prices of these samples, I compared their ounces to that of full sizes and divided the price accordingly. The total value of the products in this month’s box is about $19.50. This is an OK value, but here is my honest thoughts about it. The other similar boxes I am subscribed to like this (Beauty Box 5, Ipsy, etc) that are $10.00 beauty boxes, always have values well over $40.00… sometimes $60.00. So if those boxes can provide that much money’s worth for only $10.00.. I’m not sure why Birchbox doesn’t come close as far as value goes. Plus, the primer is so small it will last maybe a week, and the SPF body lotion would seriously be enough for one application.  It’s literally samples the size of the products you get when you spend $35 on makeup at Macy’s and they give you 6 samples for free, you know? Actually, this box could BE a 6 free sample gift when you buy makeup at Macy’s, lol. I went to cancel this, but it said next month will be a brow box with Benefit’s brand-new brow collection… so I’m gonna stick with it and hopefully next month will change my mind!

Sign up for Birchbox today and don’t miss out on next month’s box with Benefit’s brand-new brow collection!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel is super easy! Just go to “Account Settings”, and “Cancel Subscription.”


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