Marley Spoon review May, 2016

Marley Spoon is a meal subscription box that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door every week.


There were 3 bags and each had the ingredients for a meal, which was nice.


So many fresh vegetables, much yum!


The Goods

1.  Crispy Noodle Cakes with Roasted Shitakes, Celery, and Snow Peas.

I began this meal by slicing the shitakes, tossing with tamari and olive oil, and putting them in the oven to roast. Then I prepped the veggies and made the dressing. The dressing was grated ginger, lemon juice, olive oil, tamari, and scallion greens. Next I boiled the pasta until tender (about 3 minutes), and tossed with tamari and scallion whites. To make the noodle cakes, I divided the noodles in two and cooked them one at a time in a nonstick skillet until browned on both sides. Finally, I tossed the celery, snow peas, half the cilantro, roasted shitakes, lemon juice and salt in a bowl to make the veggie side. I served the noodle cakes with the veggies and topped with peanuts and remaining cilantro.

This meal grew on me… at first the chewy crunchy noodle cakes felt strange to eat. After a few bites though, I got used to the texture. It was pretty tasty!  I liked the tamari, it tasted just like soy sauce(is it soy sauce?) and added lots of flavor. The peanuts were a great addition as well.  This meal took about 35 minutes. It wasn’t bad by any means, but if it is ever on the menu again I’ll probably pass.
2. Whole Wheat Lemon Pepper Pasta with Radish, Spinach, & Sesame.

For this meal, I began by boiling the pasta and prepping the vegetables. I melted half the butter and cooked the radishes and scallion whites until tender, then added garlic and cooked for 30 more seconds. By now the pasta was ready, and I dumped it into the pan with veggies, as well as the spinach and some pasta water. After a minute, I removed the pan from the stove and stirred with the remaining butter, some lemon zest and juice, salt, pepper, and half the Pecorino cheese. Once plated, I topped with remaining Pecorino, sesame oil, and scallion greens.

This meal was defiantly the quickest (about 25 minutes), which was nice. I couldn’t believe how flavorful the noodles were… like JUST the noodles alone were super unique tasting and delicious. I’ve always sort of felt all noodles, regardless of shape, taste the same so that was cool. The dish as a whole was really good, everything went together well. Sesame oil was unusual to me but there wasn’t much on there so it didn’t bother me. Overall me and my boyfriend liked it, we finished our plates at least!
3. Pineapple-Soy Marinated Steak with Sesame Beets.

To begin, I mixed pineapple juice and tamari in a shallow pan and placed the steak into the marinade. Next, I was supposed to prep the beets and greens. Guess what? There were no beets in my box!!! The beets are half of the dish, with their leaves as the salad and the actual beets to eat… so this was unfortunate to say the least. I had saved a few radishes from the night before, and used those and regular salad instead of leaves to make this half of the dish. I still followed the recipe as if I was using beets and their greens, and I think that was a mistake on my part… it was a disaster! Once the steak was ready, I browned it on both sides in a skillet, then I added the marinade and left it in there a few more minutes to glaze. I plated the dish and hoped for the best!

Unfortunately, the boiled radish and spring lettuce in ginger dressing was a bust. It just didn’t taste good having to improvise the entire thing. The STEAK though, ohh my gosh the freaking steak was so good!!! Pineapple and tamari made a perfect sweet and salty marinade that was just incredible, the sesame seeds added a unique flavor and texture as well. Me and my boyfriend made some microwave veggies to make up for the sad salad, and we were happy. The steak made up for everything else lol.


Marley Spoon is $61.50 for 3 meals for 2 people/week. The cheapest meal subscription I’ve found is $59, so this box is on the low end as far as cost goes, which is great. I used code MOTHERSDAY for $35.00 off. I was really disappointed that the box was missing beets, though. That was literally half of a meal missing… womp womp.

Use code MOTHERSDAY for $35.00 off your first box, and try Marley Spoon today!

Ease of Cancellation

Easy! Go to “My Account”, “Settings”, and “Stop Subscription”.



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