Ipsy review May, 2016

Ipsy is a subscription that delivers full and deluxe sized beauty products with a makeup bag to your door every month!


This month was a travel theme (“Destination Chic”).


The Goods

  1. Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo – Jelly Pong Pong. Regular price: $24.95

I was really impressed with this bronzer, it shows up great with just a small amount and looks natural. It’s perfect for contour around your cheekbones and forehead because it naturally blends from dark, to medium, to normal makeup where you apply it.

  1. Chia smoothing hair oil – Trissola. Regular price: $6.50

This smells AMAZING! I love it because perfume gives me a headache so I usually don’t have any “scents”, but this hair oil smells really pleasant but very light so no headache. It does make my hair silky and smooth, just be sure to only use a bit and really blend it in to your hair. Too much oil in one spot is never a good thing ;).

  1. No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner – IT Cosmetics. Regular price: $15.00


This eyeliner is absolutely ideal. I use non-liquid eyeliner under my bottom lashes, and it can be annoying trying to find a good liner that goes on DARK and does not smudge or run. This eyeliner goes on black and thin, with minimal pressure and no need to go over an area more than once, it’s black right off the bat. It’s also waterproof so I can cry without looking like someone in a horror movie.

  1. Eye Smudger Brush – Vera Mona. Regular price: $8.50


Believe it or not, I did not discover the glory of makeup brushes until a year ago when one just happened to come in an eye shadow palette. I really loved how natural it made shadow look/blend and how different pressures could be used depending on what part of my eye I was doing. Before long I got a brush for my under eye concealer, bronzer, thick for blending and soft for applying… whatever. Basically, I love makeup brushes haha. This brush is really nice I love how it’s “solid” and not just loose bristles that can’t be precise. This applies eye shadow super precisely and thick if you need it, and blends the colors effortlessly. I haven’t washed it yet, but so far no bristles falling off that I’ve seen.

  1. Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish – Old School Pink. Regular price: $8.99


I’m SUPER impressed with how strong the color is for this polish! In my experience, if I bought neon nail polish I could apply 20 coats and still see through it. In the picture, that is with ONE coat of this polish. It is just as bright and solid as the color it is in the bottle as soon as it touches your nails. I painted my nails yesterday afternoon, and 24 hours later it still looks identical to when I applied it. I’m not very graceful so this is unheard of for me. By the next day I usually have a FEW small chips at LEAST on the tips of my nails. But nope, I made dinner, played outside with my dog, cleaned, showered… still perfect.

  1. Travel Themed Makeup Bag – Free Monthly Bonus

This makeup bag is really cute. I like the Buddha, elephant, pyramids, and Chinese architecture silhouettes. I’m imagining a year from now, when I have 12 similar-sized makeup bags…  what am I going to do with them all? Lol. I’ll try to give them to friends and family so they all go to good use I guess.


I came up with a total of about $64.00 for the items in this month’s box. I estimated the sample size costs by comparing their size to full size and dividing the cost accordingly. Ipsy cost $10.00/mo, which is an AWESOME value! High end makeup costs $20-$40 for literally anything, so to get FIVE for $10.00, sample or not, would be stupid to pass up. I have no words – I’m so glad I found this!!

Sign up to get your Ipsy Glam Bag for only $10.00/month using this link!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your active subscription: Log into your ipsy account and click “My Account.” Go to the “Subscription & Purchases” section and click “Cancel Subscription.”


One thought on “Ipsy review May, 2016

  1. That bronzer looks really nice. Seems like a really nice bag. Ive had Ipsy but canceled after a year to try out a new service, but I think I might go back to Ipsy.


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