Peaches & Petals review May, 2016

Peaches and Petals is a subscription for women that delivers a box of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle items to your door every month!


This month’s box was large and cardboard, different from the usual Peaches & Petals box. They couldn’t fit all the goods in their regular box this month! The theme is “Let’s Get Together.”


The Goods

  1. Party Tasting Spoon Set – Housewares International. Regular price: $32.45

This is a ceramic set of 5 spoons and a plate. The spoons are a good size to serve hors d’oeuvres on or for test tasting. I always use subscription meal cooking boxes for dinner, and they require chopping lots of herbs and spices. I HATE having to waste normal sized bowls just to hold the herbs separately until it’s time to add them to my dish. These are PERFECT size for holding minced garlic, cilantro leaves, rosemary, etc until I’m ready to use them. Woohoo!

2. Melamine Cutting Board. Regular price: $10.00

This can be used as a serving tray or cutting board. I’ll defiantly use this as a cutting board, considering I use cutting boards almost every day. This is about half the size of my main cutting board, so I’ll use this if I only need to cut some herbs or spices. Now I won’t have to use and wash the big board for small stuff… sweet.

3. Funny (IM)proper Cocktail Napkins – Hydrated. Regular price: $8.58


These cocktail napkins say, “There’s only one way to approach this kind of social exercise. Hydrated.” These are cute, but would be ironic if I used them for a party, because I don’t drink lol. I’ll defiantly use them just as dinner napkins though, I’m not picky.

4. Chalk it Now Chalkboard Pennant Kit – K&Company. Regular price: $11.56

This comes with triangle pennants that have one side that is black to write on with chalk, and the other side is colorful. For the colorful side you can glue black circles(included) on and write on those. I don’t have kids and I don’t throw parties, but I’ll keep these on hand in case that ever changes.

5. Chalkboard Party Arrows – K&Company. Regular price: $8.33

This set comes with words you can rub-on, or you can use chalk and write your own words on them. I won’t have a house large enough to require arrow signs to navigate a party for a very, very long time. If ever. But again, I’ll keep them around just in case.

6. Charades-In-A-Box: Celebrity. Regular price: $5.99

This charades game comes with the cards, a sand timer, score sheet and pencil. Charades is my FaVoRiTe game ever! Yess!!! I’m not familiar with a ton of celebrity information, but the cards were mostly very famous and iconic people, so I can handle this one. I can’t wait to act out Bill Cosby… *laughing, pretending to hold drink, take sip of pretend drink, pass out*.


8. Paper Medallions – K&Company. Regular price: $7.98


This comes with supplies to make your own paper medallions, with colorful paper and instructions. I won’t need a party to use this kit, these are cool just for decorating! I’m going to make these and put them on the walls in our guest room.

9. Party Straw Pack – Formation Brands. Regular price: $12.99

These are cute party straws that say, “It’s five o’clock somewhere”, “Sip back & relax”, “Liquid therapy”, and “Drinks well with others”. I’m not gonna lie, I already threw away all the little signs and just put the straws next to my cups in the cabinet lol. Those signs wouldn’t make sense to anyone who knows me and knows I don’t drink, but I like using straws. So I’m glad I have straws now :).

This box also came with a $35 off first HelloFresh box coupon, which if anyone wants this code, they can use it. I’ve already gotten a first box from them.



The items in this months box are worth about $98.00 if I were to buy this all individually online. Wow, for $19.99? Yes, please! This is the greatest value for a Peaches & Petals box I’ve seen thus far. Granted, as a non-drinker with no kids that does not throw parties, I won’t use the paper party stuff for awhile, if ever. But I’ll defiantly use everything else, which was plenty on it’s own.

There is 3 codes for May that will disappear once a certain amount is used, they are PEACHMAY50 for 50% off, PEACHMAY25 for 25%, and PEACHMAY10 for 10% off. Sign up for your Peaches & Petals box, today!

Ease of Cancellation

Simple! Just log into your “My account” page and you will see “Manage My Subscriptions” on the left. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click “cancel”. You’ll then be directed to a drop down menu of reasons. Once a reason is selected, a cancel button will appear.




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