UrthBox review May, 2016 (+ $10.00 off)

UrthBox is a healthy subscription box that delivers non-GMO, organic and all natural snacks and/or beverages to your door every month. Choose between gluten-free, diet, classic, or vegan boxes and sizes ranging from 6 – 25 items/box.


I got the mini classic box with 6+ snacks.


The Goods

  1. Lucy’s Brownie Crisp – Triple Chocolate. Regular price: $1.05


These crisps are gluten-free and made without milk, eggs, or nuts. My favorite part of a brownie is the crispy edges, and this is basically bag of crispy brownie edges, lol! So I love these. They have a rich, chocolaty flavor. With the  vanilla flavor smoothing out the bitterness of the dark chocolate, this is a sweet and satisfying treat.

  1. Bakery on Main – Original Nut Crunch. Regular price: $1.25


This Nut Crunch is certified gluten free, non-GMO project verified and dairy & casein free. It is made with cashews, almonds, pecans, and walnuts. These are a crunchy granola and nut snack that tasted great on yogurt! They’re not very sweet and make a great light snack by themselves as well.

  1. Chic-a-peas Crunchy Chickpeas – Fresh Salsa. Regular price: $1.79


These are non-GMO and gluten-free cucumber flavored chickpeas with a hint of jalapeno. I really can’t taste the cucumber in these; they have more of a generic southwestern flavor. They’re still tasty and crunchy, though.

  1. Detour SMART – Coconut Almond Bars. Regular price: $.99


This is a gluten-free oatmeal bar made with organic rolled oats. It is very chewy, with a bit of crunch from the almonds. It has a lightly sweet coconut flavor. I can just taste how much healthier this bar is compared to grocery store granola bars that taste like candy.

  1. Pipcorn – Mini Popcorn Truffle. Regular price: $3.99


Non-GMO popcorn, olive oil, sea salt, white truffle. This popcorn is gluten free and vegan made with special corn kernels that pop small with no hulls.  Pipcorn uses all natural white truffle to season their most popular flavor. I find all this information very interesting considering, in my opinion, this had NO flavoring. I don’t know what white truffle tastes like but I’m guessing it doesn’t taste like nothing.

  1. Kutoa – Chocolate and Banana Health Bar. Regular price: $2.08


I thought this bar was good. It was very dense and filling, and SO sweet. The banana and chocolate were at the forefront of the flavors and they were a delicious combination. I was a bit disappointed by the nutrition stats, though.  This bar is gluten and soy-free, vegan and non-GMO. Even so, it is a 48 gram bar and contains 22 grams of sugar. This is some unsettling math.

  1. VoloVitamins Energy – Berry. Regular price: ~$1.00


The packet has 4g of powder for an 8oz bottle of water, and opens easily with the perforated strip. It is packed with all types of vitamins and energy boosting minerals. I did get a noticeable increase in energy after drinking this, but the taste was so bad that I’d prefer not having the extra energy to drinking this again, lol.

  1. MIND HD Clear Brain Fog – GreenGuru. Regular price: ~$2.00


MindHD is an all-natural nootropic stack. It is a multi-faceted product that is designed to restore brain function by providing a unique blend of brain vitamins, amino acids, and other building blocks for neurotransmitters. I actually take nootropics (Alpha Brain), and I absolutely love how they make me feel more “on point” at work as well as give me super vivid dreams, always a plus! I took this instead of Alpha Brain for a day and still felt as sharp as ever.

I also got a 3 meals free HelloFresh coupon for first boxes only. Since I’ve already had a HelloFresh subscription before, whoever wants this coupon code can have it 🙂


The snacks in this month’s box are worth about $14.00. The mini snacker is $19.99/mo, shipping included, down to $12.99 if you pay a year up front. In my opinion this is not a great value, and I’m not going to stay subscribed to this one. But if you are serious about gluten-free, vegan snacks and are willing to buy a year up front, this would make the cost much more reasonable and the box be of higher value. Not being a huge health nut this is not the box for me but hey, it could be for you!

If you’d just like to try it, get $10.00 off below.

Get $10 Off Any Variety and any Size UrthBox, including Vegan, Gluten Free and Diet Snack Box Options with this link!

Ease of Cancellation

You may cancel your subscription at anytime by sending UrthBox an email at support@urthbox.com. In order to cancel your subscription you must email your cancellation request before your next renewal billing charge (before the 1st of the month).


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