Green Chef review April, 2016 (+ 2 coupons for a FREE WEEK- First Come First Serve)

Green Chef is a weekly meal delivery subscription. Green Chef is certified organic by CCOF. From wild-caught salmon to GMO-free soybeans, their ingredients are fresh and sustainably sourced.


No synthetic pesticides.

No genetically modified organisms.
No artificial ingredients.
No growth hormones or antibiotics.


The Goods

  1. Pesto-Ricotta Flatbread with Veggies & Olives, Crispy Chickpea & Spinach Salad


I started with this meal because it was the quickest and probably easiest of the bunch. I began by roasting the chickpeas and naan bread. Then I sauteed the veggies, took out the naan bread, and topped it with basil pesto and ricotta. I added the veggies (red onions, tomatoes, corn, olives, artichoke hearts) and topped with mozzarella cheese. While that was baking, I sliced the fennel and added the spinach, roasted chickpeas, and fennel to a bowl with balsamic vinaigrette base for dressing. 25 Minutes after I began, I plated the dish.

This was really, really delicious. I’d never had chickpeas like this before and they were a great texture and flavor with the salad. The flatbread had so much flavor from all the fresh toppings and tasted amazing. It was a filling meal as well, despite there being no meat.

2. Spinach-Herb Chicken Kiev with Thyme-Roasted Purple Cauliflower and Arugula Salad.


For this meal, I began by warming the creamy herbed spinach, and using it to fill the chicken breasts (cut with lengthwise pockets). I seared the filled chicken on both sides and topped with remaining filling and bread crumbs. Then I put the chicken in oven to roast. Next I destemed the thyme and finely chopped the leaves. I roughly chopped the cauliflower and tossed it in a bowl with olive oil and thyme leaves. Then I spread the cauliflower on a pan and added it to the oven as well. For the salad, I mixed arugula, a sliced roma tomato, and white wine vinaigrette base dressing in a bowl. Time to plate!

This dish was FABULOUS! The purple cauliflower looked intimidating but tasted great, lightly toasted to perfection. I couldn’t believe I cooked that chicken, it tasted way too good to have been made by me haha. So fancy and yummy! This entire meal was scrum-diddly-umptious. It took about 40 minutes to make.

3. Harissa Romesco Steak with Asparagus & Pickled Pepper Farro and Baby Kale Salad.


So sad this was my third and final meal :(!! For this meal, I began by boiling then simmering the farro. While that simmered, I seared the steak and put in oven to finish cooking. Then I chopped and sauteed the asparagus, apricots, and pickled peppers. I put the baby kale in to a bowl with red wine vinaigrette and tossed. I warmed the harissa romesco sauce in the pan used to saute the steaks and then finished the farro by adding it to asparagus pan with cilantro and lemon zest/juice. Once everything was ready, I plated the dish. 35 Minutes.

This dish, AGAIN, was delightful! I’d never tried farro before, it was a great flavor and texture. The apricots added a bit of flare to the taste of things and the steak was juicy and tender. Me and my boyfriend cleaned our plates for the third night in a row :).


I got the 6 meals free plus shipping ($9.00), so only payed $9.00 for this entire box, which is a GREAT deal. This subscription unfortunately costs too much for my budget to stay subscribed to though, with a 3 meals for 2 people box costing about $80.00/week. If this is within your budget, seriously this is by far the healthiest and most delicious of all the subscription meal delivery services (I’ve tried them ALL!). See a summary of their pricing here.

My box came with two one-time-use coupons for your first box free (3 meals for 2 people), just pay $9.00 shipping!

ENTER CODE: Eyvi-krJm66e


If these codes are no longer available, this link will get you 4 free meals.

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, just email and let them know you wish to cancel. They responded immediately with instructions, which were to go to this link lol. Just be sure to cancel at least 1 day before your first box arrives, to be sure you don’t get billed for a second box.


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