BarkBox review April, 2016


BarkBox is a subscription service that delivers new dog toys and treats to your door every month!


The Goods

  1. Kung Pow Treats – Chicken. Regular price: $8.00


These are made in the USA with simple, wholesome ingredients. They are wheat and gluten-free and come in a charming carry-out carton. Usually Kona only likes soft treats, and I have to break up the harder ones for him to show interest. But he took to these immediately and ate them right up! See him licking his lips like “Come on, Mom!!”.


  1. Duck and Pomegranate Treats – Delca. Regular price: $7.00


“These scumptious treats could turn dogs into quack addicts. Big, bold, grain-free goodness for dogs of any size!” Lol… Kona loved these small, soft treats. These are also made in the USA, all natural, gluten, corn, and soy-free treats. It looks like MouseCop was eyeing these as well, lol!


  1. Lady Liberty Ball – BarkMade. Regular price: $10.00


I knew Kona would love this toy. How did I know that? Because he got this exact toy in his February box. Womp womp… Well I’m going to give this to my aunt’s dogs so it will still go to good use at least!

  1. Pretzel Plush – BarkMade. Regular price: $12.00


Soft pretzels are my favorite food so I was excited about this one. Any regular readers of my blog know Kona only likes toys that have fur, squeak, or both. This toy has none of the above features so Kona gave it a sniff and went on his way. Another donation…


  1. Lamb Ear – Curly Chews. Regular price: $4.00


It’s a delectable, long-lasting chew that’s high in protein and low in fat. Kona chewed on this in bed all night, I love when he brings things to bed that he chews on because it annoys the hell out of my boyfriend and I think it’s funny. I’m a terrible person by the way.



The items in this box cost $41.00 total, and the box is $29.00/mo if you pay monthly. I did the 3 month subscription which is $24.00/month. Either way it is a decent discount being subscribed, but the fact that $10.00 worth of my box was a toy I already got in February was a bit disappointing. Overall though, BarkBox is my favorite subscription of Kona’s.

Use this link or use code “DEPICTION” at checkout for one month free with any subscription!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your BarkBox membership, follow these simple steps-

Log into your BarkBox account.

Click on the “Subscriptions” on the bar at the top of the page.

Click on “All Subscriptions” (if you have more than one)

Click on “Edit” next to the subscription you want to cancel.

Scroll down the page and click the “Cancel Renewal” button.


2 thoughts on “BarkBox review April, 2016

  1. Trixie gets excited whenever she sees a brown box since I subscribed to barkbox for the past few months. Your cat looks jealous though, you should also get him one lol 🙂


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