POPSUGAR Must Have Box review April, 2016

The POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers full-sized surprises in beauty, home, fashion, and more valued at over $100 for only $39.95 per month.


If you’d prefer an audio review, check out my video.

The Goods

  1. Next by Nature – Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans. Regular price: $4.99


These chocolate covered express beans are all natural, gluten free, with no additives or preservatives. I did some research to find out if there was caffeine in espresso beans, and I found that 3 chocolate covered beans = 36 mg of caffeine. A shot of espresso has about 75 mg, so 6 beans is practically the same as one espresso shot! I like the sound of that! Needless to say, I’ve been enjoying these J.

  1. Field Poppy Conservatories Hand Creme – Royal Apothic. Regular price: $24.00


This hand crème is made to be reminiscent  of field poppy conservatories. I couldn’t tell you how accurate the similarities in scents are, though, as I’ve never been in such a conservatory (lol). Juicy fig and sweetened tea make up the top notes that are layered over jasmine, lily of the valley, moss and leaf. The base is a blend of soft musk and oakwood. Yeah, it smells flowery. I think I’ll include this in my gifts for my Mom this Mother’s Day.

  1. Noon Design Shop – Flour Sack Tea Towel. Regular price: $18.00


Flour sack tea towels are soft, lint-free, absorb as well as a paper towel, and get better with every use. As per the website – I’m not actually sure how towels get better with use but hey. These towels are silk-screened in Providence, Rhode Island and are made of unbleached cotton from the Midwest. This towel has my Mom written all over it. I may not have to actually go out and buy her presents, after all!

  1. Canvas Home Tinware – Salt & Pepper Shakers. Regular price: $12.00


Mimicking vintage metal cookware, the canvas Tinware grouping is made of stoneware, complete with realistic distressed edges and a contrasting rim stripe. As an adult who has been self-sufficient for quite a few years now, I do indeed have salt and pepper shakers already. Quite a few, actually. Any women in my life like my Mom or Grandma also are stocked up on these. As such, I think I will give these to my cousin who is going off to college next year. Someone who could use them, Woohoo!

  1. Bloom That Gift Card – $20


Wow, a gift card to send my Mom some flowers, I’m defiantly going to use this! That was what I said to myself when I saw this gift card. Alas, I went to the Bloom That website, and the cheapest arrangement was $48. OK, so I went through the motions to purchase said arrangement. In the end, delivery is $19.99, and tax is $4.76. Bringing the grand total to $72.75. Minus my $20, I’d only have to pay $52.75! *rolls eyes*. 15 roses for $52.75. I am a very savvy deal hunter, and for Mother’s Day, I can usually combine SlickDeals and Living Social deals to end up with a LARGE flower arrangement for around $30, so hey, if anyone wants this gift card, let me know and I’ll send you the info!

  1. Cravings: Recipes For All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Teigen. Regular price: $29.99


With sections like breakfast all-day, soupmaster, vegetable things, party time, things that intimidate people but shouldn’t and more, this cook book has everything you could need. It also lays out the recipes in simple terms and they’re not too complicated to follow. Since I started with my cooking subscriptions, me and my boyfriend have enjoyed eating home cooked meals so much so that I’ve begun buying ingredients and making home cooked meals on the days I DON’T use a box, as well. I normally find these recipes on the internet, searching “easy” or “5 ingredient” dinners and printing out the ones I’ll need. I would have never spent my OWN money on an actual cookbook, so this is nice to have for new ideas and recipes without having to search the net. I think I will have fun making meals from this book and defiantly won’t let it go to waste.

  1. Farmacy – Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm. Regular price: $48.00

This balm is paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free. This lightweight balm transforms into a gentle oil-gel when applied to the skin. This balm has a ton of benefits listed on the website, so I’ll just paste it here and let you check it out : “This balm is formulated with extract from the South African acmella plant to support the production of collagen which is responsible for the skin’s firmness. Blackcurrant seed, balloon vine extract, and sunflower oil nourish, protect, and reinforce the skin’s barrier. The skin is brightened and replenished by stabilized vitamin C, and vegetable-derived “Retinoid-like” ingredients help prevent the appearance of early wrinkles, minimize the look of deep wrinkles, and improve skin radiance and texture. The formula also contains Echinacea GreenEnvy™, a unique, patent-protected variant of echinacea purpurea that contains the highest known concentration of cichoric acid, which helps protect the skin by supporting natural collagen. Cichoric acid also normalizes the skin pigmentation process to promote a more evenly toned complexion.”

This balm smells like citrus and light herbs. It coats my skin with a dewy fragrant glow that kind of justifies the $48.00 price tag. Kind of.


I came up with a total of about $157 for the items in this months box. Although I won’t use the gift card (again, let me know if you want it!), and I’ll be gifting a few of the items. I’m not sure why I’m a little disappointed with this box, I guess I think the box curators would assume most adult women would have salt and pepper shakers and towels. I’m still staying subscribed though because usually I am more than satisfied with the boxes, plus you can’t beat $40 for over $100 of stuff!

Use this link and the code “MUSTHAVE5” for $5.00 off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

Just go to “Account”>”Subscriptions”>”Cancel this Subscription”. Piece of cake!


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