Sock of the Month Club review April, 2016 (+ FREE BOX)

Sock of the Month Club is a subscription that delivers an exclusive pair of Performance Dress Socks to your door every month.

The Goods

  1. “Autism Awareness” Performance Dress Sock. Regular price: $19.99


These socks are scent-resistant functional dress socks that you can wear from the workplace to the gym. They are 200 needle count and micro-fiber, with odor and moisture control as well as antimicrobial. They have an elastic top so they won’t slide down, breathable material, and a performance arch band (tighter knit around the arch of the foot). They have extra cushioning in the heel for protection and support, as well as in the toe for comfort and durability.


This month I received the “Autism Awareness” sock. Below is the information that came with this awesome pair of socks!

Front of Insert– “The colorful “Autism Awareness”
Performance Dress Socks™ represents
April for Autism Awareness month.

Each step in your life has made a huge impact on who you are today and the knowledge you have developed to perform at an elite level.
The puzzle pieces coming together on the
sock stands for you completing your
personal goals throughout your life.

We sometimes take for granted how far we’ve come and how much further we have left to go. Life is all about the journey and finding the
right pieces to the puzzle as we complete
our self-masterpiece.

Back of Insert:

Your new gift is stylish, so please wash your
Performance Dress Socks ™inside-out
to protect the heel-and-toe comfort
areas from picking up lint.

Our Charity of the Month program has chosen
‘Our Special Place’ for its April donation.
Autism now affects 1 in 68 children in the USA, and
is the nation’s fastest-growing developmental disorder.
Our Special Place’s mission is to enrich the lives of these
children by providing a variety of professional services in a
nurturing and therapeutic environment for the children.”



These socks are normally $19.99, and the sock club is $15.00/mo. if you pay month-by-month down to $12/mo. annually. If you value high quality dress socks, these socks are top of the line! So I’d say this is a good value if socks are your “thing”.

Right now they have a special, one month FREE just pay S&H. Use code: FREEMONTH

Get your free month today!

Ease of Cancellation

You can cancel anytime by sending an email to contact form and it is cancelled immediately.


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