Blue Apron review week of April 18, 2016

Blue Apron is a meal subscription that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door every week, so everyone can have access to incredible home cooking.


The Goods

  1. Seared Salmon and “Green” Potato Salad with Pickled Mustard Seeds.


For this recipe, I started out by pickling the mustard seeds. This is accomplished by heating mustard seeds, water, apple cider vinegar, and sugar for 18-20 minutes. While the mustard seeds pickled, I sliced and boiled the potatoes and prepared the rest of the ingredients. Then I cooked and wilted the spinach in the pan the mustard seeds pickled in, and cooked the salmon in the George Foreman. Cooking meat on my George Foreman is the only part of these recipes that I do my own thing, just because it’s a lot faster and easier. Then I mixed the potatoes, spinach, scallions, sour cream, and horseradish. I plated the green potato salad next to the salmon, and topped the salmon with the pickled mustard seeds.

This meal was fantastic! The pickled mustard seeds made a sweet, thick glaze on the salmon that was reminiscent of bourbon glaze in it’s sweetness. The sour cream and horseradish added great flavor to the potato salad and really made it taste great. Me and my boyfriend both enjoyed this meal a lot.

2. Za’atar Chicken and Pearl Couscous with Asparagus and Pink Lemon Compote.


This meal says that it takes 20-30 minutes to prepare. My boyfriend was really hungry on our way home from the store and said he is going to just make a microwave meal because he didn’t want to wait for me to cook. I asked if he’d wait if it only took me 10 minutes and he said, “If you seriously think you can then yeah, for sure…”. When we got home I quickly scanned the recipe and decided it would probably take 14 minutes, and he said that’s still OK. So, I filled a pot with hot water and put it on the stove to boil and quickly prepared the ingredients. Once boiling, I added the couscous. The couscous cooks for 8 minutes. So I made the lemon compote in like, two minutes. It says to take the slices out one by one cutting between the membranes but “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”, so I just sliced it into eighths and squeezed out the juices, added the agave nectar and set aside. I seasoned the chicken right quick and put it in the George Foreman (I turn ghetto when I’m in a hurry?). While the chicken cooked, I cooked the asparagus in a medium pan, then added the couscous, lemon zest, and water. I stirred the chives into the lemon compote. The couscous and chicken finished at the same time so I plated the couscous, plopped the chicken on top, and garnished with the compote. Fourteen minutes, EXACTLY!

Will (my boyfriend) was pretty impressed with my promptness, mission accomplished. Also, the meal was great! The couscous was cooked to perfection and the lemon compote on the chicken was so sweet and delicious. Another sweet and salty meal. My favorite kind!

3. Korean Bao Sliders with Gochujang Mayo & Sweet Potato Tempura.


For this meal, I began by prepping the ingredients and making the tempura batter. I coated the sweet potatoes with the batter and let them cook while I made the rest of the meal. I put water on the pot to boil, and mixed the beef, scallions, black bean sauce, ginger, and gochujang to make 6 small patties. Then I put the Chinese buns in a strainer over the pot of boiling water. I put the patties in to the George Foreman and plated the now-finished sweet potato tempura. When the buns were soft and puffy I put 3 on each plate, and put a cooked patty in each one. I added a slice of the Persian cucumber to each patty and spread gochujang mayo on them as well.

This meal was off the chain! (Yeah, I’m officially in a ghetto mood now). The patties had so much flavor from all the ingredients and the Chinese steam buns were SO much better than American hamburger buns, lol. Why aren’t steam buns a “thing” in America yet, they’re so great! The sweet potato tempura was dope, obviously. Sweet potato anything is amazing. This was our favorite meal of the bunch.


Blue Apron is $59.94/week, for 3 meals. For the family plan, 2 meals for 4 people each is $69.92, and 4 meals for 4 people each is $139.84. This price is pretty standard to other similar meal subscriptions, and the food quality was as well. With Blue Apron, you can choose from a menu what meals you’d like, which is relatively unique but really should be standard in this business. People are different, so offer some variety. Blue Apron gets it right with that.

You can use this Groupon and get one week for $39.

Ease of Cancellation

From the site –  “To cancel your account, please email by the “Changeable By” date reflected in your “Account Settings.” You will receive an email back with next steps to follow, so please read that email carefully.”

Once you email them, they’ll email you this back.

1. “Skip”: If you want to skip all or some of your next 6 deliveries, you can simply
head to your Delivery Schedule ( in your account. Click on the week you’d like to skip, then click the “Skip this delivery” link. You can confirm that your skip was saved by making sure you see a red “X” on that specific week’s delivery day, instead of a green checkmark.

2. “Pause”: If you want to skip more than your next 6 deliveries, but you know you’ll reactivate your account on a specific date – then you’ll want to “Pause” your account! To do that, click here for the cancellation process (, and follow the instructions when you’re given the option to “Pause” deliveries.

So I think if you follow those instructions, you don’t even have to email them. Just click the above link. I’m not sure why they even have the extra step of emailing when you can do it from the site anyways, but hey, whatever.



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