PawPack review April, 2016

PawPack is a subscription box that delivers an assortment of hand picked items your pet is sure to love every month. There is typically 5 or more premium items in each box that include toys, treats, chews, accessories and more!


The Goods

  1. K9 Tuff Charming Pet – Sycamore Toy. Regular price: $11.99

This toy has a mouth that opens when you press the squeaker. It also has connected branch arms so if you pull one side, the other gets shorter. This was kinda fluffy (soft, at least) and had a squeaker, so Kona enjoyed it. Here is a slideshow of Kona playing with his new Sycamore toy!

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2. Beco Bowl – The Eco-Friendly Pet Bowl. Regular price: $5.62

Beco Bowls are made from the natural fibres found in bamboo and rice husks. The bowls are dishwasher safe, and also safe for pets and the environment. This bowl should last for years and is a colorful addition to Kona’s arsenal of accessories.

3. 10-12″ Prime Slice Back Strap Beef Ligament – GoGo. Regular price: $6.99


This is made in the USA and has 1 ingredient: beef ligament. Kona has been enjoying this, carrying it around with him and chewing on it. He isn’t making any progress though, it looks brand new still lol. I think it’s a bit big for him. Here is some pics of him nervously holding it (he thinks I want to steal it).

4. Beco Rope – The Eco-Friendly Rope Toy. Regular price: $5.62


Short fibred hemp makes for easy digestion by your dog, this rope toy helps clean your dog’s teeth, is extra strong, and antibacterial as well. Unfortunatly no fur + no squeaks = no interest from Kona. If you have a dog that enjoys rope toys though, this is a safe and reliable option!

5. Tucker’s Barkin’ Blends – Beef & Bacon. Regular price: $11.99


These treats are made in the USA and are freeze dried USDA sourced beef liver and bacon. They are 100% natural and grain-free. I left these on the table like an idiot and left for 15 minutes. When I came home the package was almost empty on the floor. Kona was lethargic and had a stomach ache for about 24 hours, but was back to normal this morning. Please keep treats in a safe place out of reach of your pets! Here is a slideshow of Kona doing various tricks for these treats (and some funny faces as well):

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I came up with a total of about $42.00 for the items in this box. The box cost me $35.00. So I’d say the subscription is a pretty good value for the quality of treats and toys included. Unfortunately Kona won’t use his rope toy, but we can donate it to a friend’s dog who will :).

Use code DEPICTION for 10% off your first PawPack!

Ease of Cancellation

PawPack has one time only boxes you can purchase, but if you do choose to get a recurring subscription ($31.50/mo). You may cancel your ongoing membership by contacting You must contact PawPack by the first day of the month to cancel the current month’s shipment.


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