Graze review week of April 18, 2016

Graze is a subscription box that delivers healthy and great tasting snacks to your door every week.


This review is for the normal 8 snacks a week subscription. You can also choose to get your deliveries bi-weekly or monthly.


The Goods

  1. Garden of England.


This is a mix of soft apple pieces, mini strawberries and blackcurrants. The fruit is dried so it’s very chewy. I love the strawberries. I’ve never tried blackcurrants before this and they were OK, a bit bitter though.

      2. Summer Berry Compote.


This is berry compote with wholemeal shortbread dippers. The light, sweet little shortbread cookies went great with the berry flavor compote! The compote tasted just like berry preserves. So yummy. Only sad thing is that there is only 3 cookies when there is CLEARLY room for four! And enough compote for four! See that cookie sized empty space?  Yeah, me too. Grr.

     3. Sesame Garlic Crunch.


Garlic sesame sticks, oat bran sesame sticks and multigrain soy rice crackers. The garlic rice crackers reminded me of these snacks my grandma used to always have at her house called “Bagel Crisps.” They tasted like little mini bagel crisps. The sesame sticks were a little bland.

     4. Mango Coconut Protein Granola Topper.


Coconut flakes, almond slivers, oat and barley granola and soy protein crisps with mango and passion fruit sauce. So at first I was confused about how to eat this, I was like holding the little pieces and carefully ducking them in the dip, and quickly realized there was no way I was eating it right lol. Not only was it just ridiculous because there is literally 1,000 small pieces of granola and almond haha but also because the mango dip was so sour that way.


I figured out it’s better on yogurt so I grabbed some from the fridge.  Once mixed in with the yogurt it added great flavor. Yogurt is always better with crunch and the almond, granola, and coconut crunchies with mango blueberry flavored yogurt was like a party in my mouth! OK that sounds weird but it was so good!

     5. Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie.


Baked salted peanuts, mini cocoa cookies, redskin peanuts and vanilla fudge. Seeing this made me happy because I love all the things! The cookies were tasty, they reminded me of how pinwheel cookies taste but you know, not pinwheel cookies obviously. Combined with fudge and peanuts this makes a great snack that kicks regular trail mix’s ass!

     6. Butterscotch Popcorn FlapJack.


Rustic rolled oat flapjack with caramel popcorn pieces. At first the strong buttery popcorn flavor caught me off guard, but after a few bites I was loving it. The popcorn flavor pretty much drowned out any flavor of butterscotch I could pick up, but they were very sweet and seemed like a sweet and salty mix of popcorn and honey oats!

  1.  Hickory Smoked BBQ.


BBQ flavored peas, corn nuts, and hickory smoked cashews. The corn nuts looked and tasted like just corn kernels.. They were a little too hard for my taste. The peas were too, actually. To be honest the only thing I did like about this one was the cashews lol. But hey, you can’t win em all right?

  1.  Deconstructed Carrot Cake.


Carrot chews, cinnamon flavored raisins, walnuts and ginger fudge. I was skeptical this would taste anything like carrot cake, but to my surprise it was spot-on. Man I have yet to find a sweet graze treat I don’t like! It’s funny because my favorite part of brownies is the corners, because it has the most crunch and texture around the edges, and this is what I’d imagine the corner of a carrot cake to taste like, if they had edges like brownies lol. All the tastiness of carrot cake but also crunchy and textured. Yum yum yum…


I got the regular 8 snack for $11.99. I think thats a pretty fair price for $1.50 a snack. They also have $25 sharing boxes that have 5 bags of snacks, about 20 servings. If you are a snacker, you’ll love Graze. Affordable snacks delivered as often as weekly, and they are all delicious!

Use code “ XHH3LPL3E” and get a free sample box, today!

Ease of Cancellation

You can cancel right from your account page, on the bottom left just hit “Cancel my Deliveries.” There will be a few questions but ultimately you can cancel right from the site, nice!


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