Walmart Beauty Box review Spring, 2016

Walmart Beauty Box is a seasonal subscription that delivers beauty product samples and tips on how to use those and other items sold at Walmart.


Each new season brings different product needs and a reason to refresh your beauty cabinet. All you pay is shipping and handling ($5.00).

The Goods

  1. Colgate Toothpaste – High Impact White. Regular price: $3.96


I was excited to see this large (3 oz!) toothpaste in my box. High Impact White toothpaste whitens teeth up to 4 shades, and starts working in 3 days! In my opinion, teeth can never be too white, so I’m excited to use this!

2. John Frieda – Brilliant Brunette Subtle Lightening Shampoo. Regular price: $2.99


I was super excited to see this as well! I am a brunette so it’s perfect for me, and I love that this shampoo gives hair natural looking depth and glow. I’ll be ready for spring in no time…

3. St. Ives – Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. Regular price: $1.47


Oh wow talk about a flash back… my mom used to always have this growing up and I’d always steal it because I loved how thoroughly it scrubbed my skin and made it feel so clean. In fact, I’m not sure if she didn’t notice she was buying twice as much or just didn’t mind lol. When I used it, it brought me back to being little in the tub… I love how smells do that. 🙂

4. Dove -Advanced Care Deodorant. Regular price: $1.00


Dove Advanced Care helps restore skin to it’s natural tone and works for 48 hours. That’s great because I only shower every 2 days… just kidding! But for real I can never have too much deodorant, so I’m defiantly going to use this until it runs out.

5. Dove – Nourishing Body Wash. Regular price: $1.49


This is a dry oil moisture body wash with moroccan argan oil for softer, smoother skin. It is very creamy and silky on the skin. It is white with little brown beads and lathers up nicely. It has soybean oil, sunflower oil, and moroccan argan oil, all great for skin!

6. Burts Bees – BB Cream. Sample.


This is a small sample of Burt’s Bees BB cream and a $3.00 off coupon. This smells natural and fruity, unlike most concealers. It is moist and watery and once I spread it on my face it smoothed out nicely and I felt my face hydrate. It offered natural coverage. My skin looked and felt softer. I’m defiantly going to use this coupon now! Well, actually full size is $14.99 so we’ll see, lol.

Get your Walmart Beauty Box, today!


The items in this seasons box are worth about $11.00 (minus the coupon). The box is free plus $5 shipping and handling. It is totally worth it to me, because for $5 I get generous samples of products for the season, all of which I love. Man, I’m not sure if it’s the value or the quality of the products but this box literally puts a smile on my face!

Ease of Cancellation

Just go to My account, Cancel this subscription. So easy!



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