Pet Gift Box review April, 2016 (+ 50% off coupon!)

Pet Gift Box is a subscription service that sends a themed box every month of hand-selected treats and toys specifically created for cats and dogs. This review is for the dog box.


This months theme was Dog for Dog, a company that donates a meal to a dog in need, for every item purchased. With this month’s box purchase five meals were donated to dogs in need!

The Goods

  1. Dog for Dog – Bungee Dog Toy. Regular price: $8.99


This toy has a squeaker in the stomach and stretchy arms and legs. For those of you who follow my blog, you’d know my dog Kona only likes toys if they have fur, squeak, or both. Luckily, this toy squeaks and instantly had Konas attention! We had an energetic match of fetch-chase-tug-of-war. Yes, that’s his idea of fetch lol!

2. Dog for Dog – Peanut Butter Dogs Bar. Regular price: $2.99


Wow, is this the coolest thing or what?! Kona always begs when I’m eating granola bars, now he can have one all to himself :). It is gluten free and made with all natural ingredients. It looks so much like a human granola bar that I was really, really tempted to take a bite… would that be weird? See Kona happily awaiting his delicious snack:


3. Dog for Dog – Mini Duck Treats. Regular price: $7.99


Kona loved these little treats! These are wheat, corn, and soy free. They are made with duck, fruits, and vegetables – natural and nutritious! They’re small training sized treats and are perfect to take on walks to reward Kona when he goes potty. He’s been potty trained for years, but I still reward him because he got used to it and is a spoiled dog!

4. Dog for Dog – Interactive Dog Treat Toy. Regular price: $8.99


This is a little ball that has 2 halves held together in the middle, and you put the treats in through the opening between the halves. This toy doesn’t squeak or have fur, but it’s an exception because it has treats inside, duh! Kona played with this until all his treats were gone, about 7 minutes.

Kona has very, very bad separation anxiety and it makes me so sad when he gets so upset when I leave, and is waiting by the door when I come home. I have a dog cam to see what he’s up too when I’m gone and he literally just sleeps and looks depressed the whole time! It makes me feel so bad! So I like toys like this that require time and concentration to get to the treats, because it distracts him when I’m away and keeps him occupied. I’ll defiantly load this up and give it to him before I leave sometimes.

5. Dog for Dog – Retrieval Stick. Regular price: $7.99


At first I thought this toy didn’t have a squeaker so I figured, “No, fur, no squeak.. Kona won’t touch this.” But I felt around on it and it does have a squeak! The second the noise happened Kona jumped up and put his front paws out flat and shook his butt in the air, AKA – “throw it!!”.

So we were playing for a few minutes and I really liked that it has a handle for me since Kona’s fetch is, as you know, fetch-chase-tug-of-war. Unfortunately, when I was holding the handle and he was pulling, the handle popped right off! He ran off with the stick and I just had a piece of black fabric in my hand lol. The handle was just sewn to the outer fabric so at least it didn’t make a hole in the actual toy. Kona is only 22 lbs so it’s not like he’s super strong, I think the handles sewing just wasn’t reinforced enough. We still played for a while longer, it’s really just as easy to play without the handle so it’s all good!


The total value I came up with for the items in this month’s box is about $37.00. Pet Gift Box is $28.00/mo if you pay monthly, down to $18.99/mo for an annual subscription! This is a great value even paying $28, because Kona has actually enjoyed everything we’ve received so far. It really doesn’t make sense that if I pay monthly, why wouldn’t I just get an annual subscription, but it just FEELS like more because I’d have to pay all at once, lol! I do the same thing with seasons of TV shows, I pay $1.99/episode instead of a whole season for $18.99 because it feels* like less. I know it’s so dumb to think that way but I can’t help it!

Get your first box for 50% off using this link!

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, just go to “Account”, then “My Subscriptions”, “Details”(next to the subscription you wish to cancel), and click the red “Cancel” button. That’s it!


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