Bestowed review April, 2016

Bestowed is a subscription box that delivers an assortment of healthy food, snacks, beverages and lifestyle products to your door every month.


The Goods

  1. Simply Organic Steam Gourmet Seasoning and Parchment Kit – Garlic Herb Chicken. Regular price: $5.99


The combination of organic seasonings and parchment bags make it easy for anyone to master the French culinary technique called en papillote. No extra oils or fats are needed.

The recipe calls for chicken breasts, but I improvised with the chicken tenderloins I already had available. All I had to do was coat the entire tenders with the spice packets provided, slip the coated chicken into the parchment bags, and cook for 25 minutes. It was super quick and easy and I loved the flavor! The main ingredients are garlic, paprika, and salt. Here is a pic of the finished product. Yummy!!


2. Infusion Sciences – Dewberry Lotion. Sample


This lotion is hypoallergenic with natural ingredients for sensitive skin. It smells nice and light, but it smells more like flowers than dewberry to me. It has hyaluronic acid which is anti-aging and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well as retain moisture.

3. Woodstock Mini Me’s Organic Rice Bites – Strawberry Yogurt. Regular Price: $3.99


These were pretty tasty, they were regular rice cakes with a kick! The strawberry yogurt coating’s flavor was spot-on. I’d imagine if I had kids, these would be a smart way to get them eating healthy snacks. Sad story though… I only ate 4 or 5 of these before I decided to go grocery shopping yesterday. I forgot to put them away, and when I got home my dog had eaten ALL of them. 😦 I kept an eye on him and he didn’t show any signs of feeling sick or allergic reaction. Surprisingly, he didn’t get diarrhea last night or today so I think I’m in the clear. That alone speaks volumes about the ingredients though, lol. Obviously, don’t try that at home.

4. Nature’s Bakery – Double Chocolate Chocolate Brownie. Regular price: $.80


These are sold in 12 packs for $6.00. This brownie uses stone ground whole wheat and chocolate to surround a rick chocolate center blended with dates. They are dairy-free and vegan. The texture reminded me of the old chocolate power bars that were just solid, chewy, and grainy chocolate. I loved those! These brownies are a bit softer and much more chocolatey, so delicious!

5. Somersaults Sunflower Seed Bites – Cinnamon. Regular price: $1.00


This is a 1 oz bag, which you can only buy normally in boxes of 24. So the price listed is for this one bag, a box is $19.99 online. These are crunchy little bites and the seeds are very prominent in the flavor. They have just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar to make them the perfect amount of sweet and spicy. I ate the whole bag, but they’re not something I’d pick up at the store.

6. Ruby Rocket’s Non-Dairy Fruit & Veggie Bend – Stellar Strawberry. Regular price: $.70


These are sold in boxes of 8 for $4.99. They have a cool backstory. Here is an excerpt about the company from

“While Wendy McKenna was drinking one of her fruit and vegetable smoothies, her 8-year-old daughter Ruby asked to taste her mother’s “weird green drink.” Ruby wasn’t a fan of the celery and ginger in the smoothie, so the mother-daughter duo spent hours in their kitchen whipping up a fruit and vegetable blend Ruby would like. Once they did, they took it to the next child-friendly level by making the mix into ice pops, and Ruby Rocket’s was born.”

Since then they’ve expanded and also have these fruit & veggie yogurt blends. Stellar Strawberry is a delicious blend of creamed coconut, strawberries, carrots, and beets. Infused with chia seed flour and pea protein, this fruit-and-veggie blend provides you with antioxidants, protein, and fiber. These are best after refrigeration and are SO unbelievably delicious! They are more creamy and flavorful than regular yogurt and you can really tell this is mainly fruits and veggies, not fillers and junk.

7. XyliChew Chewing Gum – Fruit. Regular price: $1.61


This gum is GMO free with no artificial flavors. It’s also gluten free and vegan. It tastes great, and is really sweet despite that it’s sugar and artificial sweetener-free. It is sweetened with Birch Xylitol extracted from US forests. Xylitol helps slow the rate and amount of acid production in the mouth, reducing the acid-producing bacteria that erode teeth enamel. So it is sweet, fruity, AND protects your teeth! As for how long the flavor lasts, I couldn’t tell you because I chew gum and swallow it like regular candy. I’m weird.

8. Moondani Natural Breath Mist. Sample price: $2.50


Full size is $7.50. This breath mist uses all natural ingredients and is organic and non-GMO, with no sweeteners, sugars, additives, preservatives, or alcohol. It tastes minty and the feeling it leaves in my mouth reminds me of ginger. The airy, tingly sensation. It lasts a while and is great for when you need to freshen your breath but wouldn’t like to chew gum or suck on a mint. Quick, discreet, and refreshing.

This box also included the following:

A coupon for free shipping on an order of one 3-pack of non-dairy Ruby Rocket’s yogurt.

A coupon for organic, non-GMO, & cold-pressured Suja juice. (Probiotic water). Buy one 14.5 oz, get one free.

A coupon for a free full-sized product at when you spend $30 or more.


The total value for the items in this box (minus the coupons) is about $16.60. This Bestowed box costs $20/month if you pay monthly. With so many boxes having values above and beyond the purchase price, this box did not impress me.

Get 50% off the 1st month of 1-month recurring subscriptions and first box free on 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions using this link.

Get 10% off monthly deliveries of healthy food and snacks from Bestowed using this link.

Ease of Cancellation

All subscriptions auto-renew on the 10th of the month. To cancel, email Bestowed at at least 3-business days before your renewal date.

I emailed them to cancel yesterday at 7 PM and have yet to hear back. Also, I don’t know if I’m missing something or what but I can’t find ANY way to log on to my Bestowed account online. This is really strange to me, does anyone know how to get to the account page?



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