Blue Apron review week of April 11, 2016

Blue Apron is a meal subscription that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door every week, so everyone can have access to incredible home cooking.


The Goods

  1. Crispy Catfish Sandwiches with Spicy Lime Aioli & Chopped Salad


Once I had the ingredients prepped for this meal, I made the batter for the cat fish, dipped them, and put them on the pan.

While they cooked, I made the aioli. For the aioli you mix mayonnaise, spice blend, and the juice of 4 lime wedges. I was really proud of myself with how much juice I could get out of the lime by squeezing all sides, and I was thinking “Man, I bet no one else could get this much juice out of a lime…” because I just think weird stuff like that haha. This skill came back to bite me because the aioli tasted like straight up lime juice, soo so strong of just all you can taste lime. So that bummed me out.

The buns got crispy in the oven while I made the salad (aioli, lettuce, radishes). Then you put some salad on the buns, add the catfish, top with aioli, and put the remaining salad in bowls for sides.

The salad was a bit too limey for me, but on the sandwiches, all the other flavors mellowed it out so they were pretty awesome. Warm, crispy buns with crispy catfish and aioli… wow they were amazing. Yay!

2. Spiced Pork Chops & Mashed Potatoes with Kale, English Peas, & Goat Cheese


For this meal, the peas came in pods and I had to shell them. I don’t know why I thought that was so weird, I know peas come from pods but like I never thought about that when I ate them, that they started in pods and some person or machine had to shell them, I feel for people who shell their own pea pods to feed their family peas hahaha it seemed so ridiculous. But maybe that’s just me.

AnYwAys.. step two said to boil the potatoes 14 minutes, until soft, and to mash them and add flavor and all that. So… since I was just going step by step I literally did exactly that, and then step 3 was like, “while the potatoes are cooking…”. Ugh, why wouldn’t they have step 2 as putting the potatoes in boiling water and then in another step finish them if I wasn’t supposed to do that all in step 2?! So when everything was done I had to microwave the potatoes I’d finished 20 minutes before lol.

Besides that, everything else went smooth.. and we loved this dish. Pork chops and mashed potatoes are a bit nostalgic of my Grandma’s meals growing up, I liked that. The kale was new, I’ve never eaten it where you heat it on a pan until its withered with some flavoring. It was delicious. I had a bunch of kale left over and my boyfriend finished the pan just eating kale because it was so good! Not to mention the mystery spice blend on the pork chops was bomb… everything went together great and tasted great too!

3. Roasted Chicken & Mixed Mushrooms with Crispy Rosemary-Orange Salad and Chipotle Pan Sauce


Dun dun dun… things were going so great until this dish! Where to begin… well for one, I had a friend helping me with this dish and they were responsible for cutting the mushrooms into “bite size pieces”. Next thing you know, they’re like, “Is this bite size?” And the mushrooms were basically diced. So, when I cooked them with the chicken, since they were so tiny they all burnt into little crispys. They literally tasted like burnt crispy nothings… no mushroom flavor left, so that was my first hiccup.

Now, for this dish, you fry rosemary until its crispy, and mix the rosemary with orange pieces and it is a “rosemary-orange salad.” This sounded like it would be terrible, and it was. Simple as that.

Last but not least, the sauce. Vinegar, creme fraiche, and water. Stir it on a pan until it turns into a thick sauce. I swear, it was so liquidy and was not thickening at ALL, and when it finally seemed “thick” it was reduced to like, a teaspoon of sauce lol. I don’t know it just happened before my eyes. Also, there is a pepper with the meal and the instructions said to “add as much pepper as you’d like”, and I don’t like spicy, so I put maybe a fourth in. But maybe since there ended up being such a small amount of sauce, the pepper condensed, because I took one taste of the finished product and started running around screaming “water!!”. My boyfriend was like OK, stop being dramatic Justine… and then when he tasted it he was like wow.. WOW yeah.. that’s hot.

So, at the end, it was just a disaster, the whole thing. The fact that I messed up the mushrooms and the sauce, coupled with the gross rosemary-orange stuff and the TWO BITES of chicken, we ended up eating other stuff. The chicken was good, but it had a huge bone and I got only a few bites off before it was just bone. Barely any chicken. I don’t want to talk about this meal anymore.


Blue Apron is $59.94/week, for 3 meals. For the family plan, 2 meals for 4 people each is $69.92, and 4 meals for people each is $139.84. This price is pretty standard to other similar meal subscriptions, and the food quality was as well. With Blue Apron, you can choose from a menu what meals you’d like, which is relatively unique but really should be standard in this business. People are different, so offer some variety. Blue Apron get’s it right with that.

We used this Groupon and got one week for $39.

We decided to give it another try next week and will be paying regular for that. I’ll let you guys know how those meals go also!

Ease of Cancellation

From the site –  “To cancel your account, please email by the “Changeable By” date reflected in your “Account Settings.” You will receive an email back with next steps to follow, so please read that email carefully.”

Once you email them, they’ll email you this back.

1. “Skip”: If you want to skip all or some of your next 6 deliveries, you can simply
head to your Delivery Schedule ( in your account. Click on the week you’d like to skip, then click the “Skip this delivery” link. You can confirm that your skip was saved by making sure you see a red “X” on that specific week’s delivery day, instead of a green checkmark.

2. “Pause”: If you want to skip more than your next 6 deliveries, but you know you’ll reactivate your account on a specific date – then you’ll want to “Pause” your account! To do that, click here for the cancellation process (, and follow the instructions when you’re given the option to “Pause” deliveries.

So I think if you follow those instructions, you don’t even have to email them. I’m not sure why they even have the extra step of emailing when you can do it from the site anyways, but hey, whatever.




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